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"It's like finding the wi-fi in your soul," he said. "Yeah. Yeah. Something like that." In the first few dates that we had together, David used those words in an attempt to explain what our intense connection is like. A moment where it feels like suddenly everything floods open, connection is running fast and deep, and the everything seems like a technicolor dream world. A photo

Get your brooms out! Samantha, the 1960s witch of Bewitched, would do all of her cleaning with a magic twitch of her nose. I don't have the secret info on that, but I do have my very own homemade concoction that's non-toxic and a powerful way to Bewitch Your Boards! This is a great potion to create and use when you want to charge up that fresh,

He takes the little clippings and puts them on the sills in the shot glasses we threw back at our house party on New Year’s Eve. Filled with water now, they make tiny homes to the small plants that he pushed through the holes of skeleton keys and bits of citrine, so the wind won’t take them from us. They are there when the morning light moves through the room. They