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There is a song that every time I hear it no matter what I'm doing, it instantly transports me to two days before Summer break in 10th grade. I'm walking across the grass of the church where our bus stop lets us off. I'm practically skipping across the perfect green lawn and I glance at the church thinking I'm probably going to hell because I'm am absolutely forbidden to date. Yet in

From making my living as a burlesque performer for the past six years, I've learned secrets of how to engage and intrigue from a distance. Here are three of my favorite secrets to really cast a love spell on your crush. These 3 techniques aren't limited to the stage, they can work in an office, classroom, bar, or bedroom. Secret Number 1: Come a Little Closer

This week has been one of the best in my lifetime. This is Week One of launching our biggest dream on Kickstarter. I have to be honest and tell you I was terrified and barely slept days before. I would wake up grinding my teeth with this thought: What if the only people who really cared about our dream was the two of