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About Veronica

A real life Love Witch and international burlesque showgirl, Veronica Varlow is a confidence and sensuality coach who has been featured on The Tonight Show, Playboy, CNN and MTV in 150 countries across the globe. She is a love ritualist and a forth generation intuitive. Her client list includes Chanel, Tiffany & Co., Vogue, Marc Jacobs, Creative Time with David Byrne, and the Whitney Museum.

An unexpected twist of fate led Veronica to her current life path. After a harrowing attack in the face by a Rottweiler pushed her to make a serious life change, Veronica stepped out of the shadows and into the life she dream manifested. Since then, she has graced stages from Paris to Prague, from Berlin to Brussels, from Austria to Australia. She’s performed 13 world tours with musician Emilie Autumn, and was featured on an Emmy Award Winning season of MTV’s MADE for her confidence coaching. Andrea, the teenager who Varlow coached for a series of 6 weeks, said, “Veronica Varlow is the best influence I’ve ever had in my life. She broke through all the walls I put up to the world and cared enough to see the real me.”

Veronica leads virtual and in-person courses throughout the year at the NOLA-based art house known as Wonderland. She has led international retreats to Mexico and Morocco with Gala Darling. She performs love rituals, couples rituals and healing rituals all over the underground art scene in New York City at events curated by House of Yes, Shanghai Mermaid, Dances of Vice, Lust, Vox Noctem and You Are So Lucky.

``The remarkable Veronica Varlow seizes life with both hands and bends it to her will. Learn from her.``

My Sweeties,

Love Witch embodies who I am, what I do, and what I have to offer to the world:

I guide badass women to own their raw instinctual power through love magic, sensuality, body confidence, sacred ceremony, and tantra. I nurture couples to ignite passion and deepen their bond for a vibrant love life together.

I believe that love should be flowing through all areas of our lives: our sacred partnership with ourselves, our romantic partnership, our friendships and family, and our work. When we are passion-driven and purpose driven in our relationships and our work, we have the ability to change the world. That’s why I do what I do.

So what is Love Witch? Love Witch is the power and delight of manifesting your own juicy love story in life. Daily. It’s taking a love drenched vow to something primal and ancient in ourselves as women to stir our inner sensual goddess. It’s the mesmerizing intimacy when we slow down and worship the temple of our own bodies, our spirits and our divine imaginations. It’s creating a temple of deep soul connection and trust in a sacred love relationship with a partner.

I see your Sacred. Let’s lead luscious and legendary lives–together.




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