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Veronica Varlow
  -  Home Magick   -  Home Blessings: A Potion to Bewitch Your Boards

Get your brooms out!

Samantha, the 1960s witch of Bewitched, would do all of her cleaning with a magic twitch of her nose.

I don’t have the secret info on that, but I do have my very own homemade concoction that’s non-toxic and a powerful way to

Bewitch Your Boards!

This is a great potion to create and use when you want to charge up that fresh, clean, positive energy vibe of your home. This powerful brew is a MUST-DO when you move into a new space. If you work with the moon, you can do it on the new moon each month as a ritual to begin anew or you can do it in the full power of the full moon (and get those moonbeams blessing your floors, walls and doors, too!)

This is the floor wash magick brew that I use to clean floors, wipe down walls, enchant the doorways and I pour whatever is leftover on the front steps (yes, even if you live in an apartment. I feel like it’s even more important in that case to wash up the front steps because there’s so many different energies. An apartment building is like a Mama with a lot of different kids, and you know you are Mama’s favorite, baby!)

You will need:

  • 9 Lemons
  • 2 Tablespoons of Sea Salt
  • 2 Cinnamon Sticks
  • 9 drops of pure Lavender oil
  • A handful of Mint Leaves (you can buy in bundle at your grocery store).
  • 2 Teaspoons of Organic Vanilla Extract
  • A dash of Cloves
  • 2 Cups of Distilled White Vinegar

Begin your magickal potion by filling your kitchen cauldron (aka your favorite big pot) with water and begin to boil it on the stove.  Once it starts boiling, shut off stove top and let water cool a little while adding ingredients.


Start with the BRIGHTNESS, Baby! You can also listen to Jimmy Cliff”s classic “I Can See Clearly Now” or some other uplifting music as you’re doing this. Dancing and cleaning go hand-in-hand. Squeeze the 9 lemons into the boiling water first.  I make a wish for the space and what I want to create on each one of the nine lemons.  Take a lemon, make a wish, cut in half, and put a half in each hand, imagine your wish happening and once you feel it squeeze both halves of that lemon at the same time into the boiling pot.

Crush up the mint leaves (for prosperity and for everyone who walks in your space to feel refreshed)! Sprinkle over the top of the water.

Add the cinnamon sticks (for success and good luck), the sea salt (for protection), the dash of cloves (for sensual spice) and the vanilla extract (for friendship) .

Once the water cools to a lukewarm temperature, add the lavender drops (for relaxation) and the 2 cups of distilled white vinegar (one of my favorite natural cleaning tools – non-toxic and inexpensive!)

Stir it all up and get ready to go to town! I sometimes will put small rosebuds in the bottom for love enchantments, coins for abundance, shells for relaxation. They stay on the bottom of the pot for “grounding”.

I start my cleaning from the very back of the house and end at the front door. Wipe down the frame of the door with the mixture, and I work in a counterclockwise motion. I personally do this because it’s going against time – and everyone who steps into my living space will feel as if they have moved out of time into a different a whole new magical space (and the enchantment works!)

Magic Tip: Make sure to pay attention to the window and door frames as you go around the space – they are just as important as the floor.

Lastly, whatever is left of the mixture, i put down the stairs and rub in with a clean rag or big scrubby brush!

To finish the spell,  I love to ring chimes or bells in my space and gently sing or hum. Chimes that I would recommend are Koshi chimes for magick work and Woodstock chimes for setting up outdoors and bringing into your home to bring the sweet outside in!

Making cleaning brews has really made my space feel like my own in every way! When you set your beautiful intentions into it and dance, sing or whistle while you’re working your magick – trust me, everyone will feel the difference!

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