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Veronica Varlow
  -  Ancestor Magick   -  Ancestor Magick: Crafting Your Very Own Mojo Bag (Picture Packed!)

No matter what your background is or where you come from in the world – I promise you that one of your Ancestors sewed up a storm! It was very common to make your own clothes rather than purchasing expensive store bought options, and it was also important to know how to fix clothes and blankets with patches and a needle and thread. So when you engage in the slow magickal meditative art of sewing a craft – you engage in the realms of Ancestor Magick.

My Grandma Helen had a bottom drawer in her bedroom that was filled with all sorts of scraps of fabric. I loved going through that drawer and seeing all the colors, the patterns and the magick of the different fabrics.

Anytime she would read tarot, about an hour before her client would show up, she would go through this drawer and chose a piece of scrap fabric for that person. She would say their name three times and hover her hand over the fabrics until she felt like one was “right” for this person.

She would then prepare herself for the reading by making a mojo bag for that person. She would just think of their name and sew. While she would be in the state of sewing, intuitive hits and thoughts would come to her about the person ahead of their reading and my Grandma would write them down.

She would sew the entire bag (except for sewing the top shut). Then she would give the person their tarot reading, tell them what thoughts came to her during the sewing and then based upon what the client needed – she would fill the bag with the herbs, roots, flowers and objects that made sense for the good energy that the client would need to move forward! She would then gift them this special mojo bag to boost their good vibes and give them strength!

If you are interested about the old school magick that my Grandma Helen taught me about tarot – my Love Witch Tarot Academy is where I teach you tarot exactly how my Grandma taught me, filled with rituals like this and cool stuff that no one else is doing! It will change your world! Without further ado, let’s dive into our fabric scrap drawer and make some mojo bags!

Let’s BEGIN!

In all of my sewing magic, I always use red thread. It’s my signature. Red has always been a romantic, love color for me. My magic room is deep, lush red covered with golden stars and mirrors. You can experiment with lots of colors and how you feel working with them to sew your magic bags. Color magick is REAL. So what is your color vibe?


❤️ 4″ x 9″ piece of cloth

❤️ Scissors

❤️ Sewing Needle

❤️ Color of Sewing Thread You Vibe With

❤️ Pins to Hold Fabric In Place

❤️ Herbs/Objects to Fill Your Mojo Bag (you can skip down to the bottom to get ideas!)

Sewing Your Magick Mojo Bag

1. I cut out a 9 inch by 4 inch (23centimeter by 10centimeter) piece of the cloth.

2. Then I fold the fabric on top of itself (in half) so that the inside part is facing out.

3. I fold in about an inch (2.5 centimeters) on both sides and temporarily pin on both sides! You can see the pins on the right and left side in the picture below.

4. Now you will get your thread through the needle, tie a knot in the end and begin to sew a basic running stitch (it’s just sewing in and out of the fabric in a line). If you need a refresher – this is a cute video of how to do it. Once your needle and thread is ready – sew up one side toward the edge. My Grandma Helen would say:  “A Wish with Every Stitch”. So stitch somewhere that you can have your mind quiet and at ease and you can “stitch” your intention into your bag!

5. Then do the exact same thing on the other side. . Now you should have one remaining opening.

6. Now that your stitches are in, take the pins that were holding the sides out and turn it inside out!  Don’t cut the thread from the needle yet because you are going to sew the bag shut last!

7. Take the mouth of the bag and fold in about an inch on all sides (2.5 centimeters).

8. Fill it with all the lovely goodies you desire!

This bag is being filled with an herbal blend of rosebuds (for love), orange peels (for sunshine and drawing light), lavender (for relaxation and calm), cinnamon (for passion and spice), peppermint (for abundance). I also like to write mini notes with my dream on it to tuck inside. I might put foreign coins for money and travel or a small token that meant something special to me (a rock show ticket stub, a fortune from a fortune cookie). I’ve put lots of beautiful things in my mojo bags. It just depends on what I want to bring to me, and I let my imagination go to work on the contents.

Always put a piece of your hair inside so that it is alive with your energy!

9. Sew the top edge closed. Tie a knot in your thread and snip the thread and needle off with a pair of scissors! And now you have your new magic mojo bag!

Secrets revealed!

Use your mojo bag when you need a little extra boost. Pin it to the inside of your clothing, carry it in secret pockets or carry your bag with you to squeeze when you need a blast of that good energy! David Varlow keeps a mojo bag in his guitar case, I keep one In my showgirl trunk that I lug to all my burlesque shows and when we need to tap into that good energy – it is THERE!

Get that Mojo Rising….

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