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Author: Veronica
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YOU are reading this right now because you've always been enchanted by the Moon. You remember seeing Her in the sky when you were small and feeling a sense of mystery and magic that continues your fascination with Her to this day. My Grandma Helen taught me how to work with the Moon's cycles and powers to boost my own magic.  The Wildness of the

On the night of the Full Moon, the sky opened in Brooklyn and the rain fell down. I was sorting though boxes of golden glitter fabric to decorate the altar at The House of Yes, and I hunched my body to stay under the roof, in an attempt to keep dry.  The rain splattered my ankles and my feet through my sandals and

How do we find the courage to begin again? On today's date, 108 years ago, my paternal great-great grandparents landed on Ellis Island after a 10 day journey at sea. They left the Port of Hamburg, Germany on November 25, 1909 and landed on Ellis Island in the afternoon of December 5, 1909. They took a risk in the pursuit of a better life that was not guaranteed. In the quiet of

April is my birth month. It is my blossoming. The month I come alive again after a long winter. I lay all the love of the Springtime at your feet. Come get your Venus on with me this Saturday, April 2nd online with the Sensual Siren Workshop. And April 17th is Danger Dames night at LUST. Let my magical sisters and I spin spells on your soul. It will sell out.  So click

Happy New Moon In Leo! Today is a perfect day to plant the seeds for new beginnings (for more info on today's new moon, check out my witch sister, Gala Darling's blog). There are SO MANY NEW things going on over here, People. MAGIC! LOVE! TAROT! TOUR BUS!!!! Yesterday, I announced The Parlour ONLINE Beginner Tarot Intensive Course and The Parlour ONLINE Advanced Tarot Intensive Course. In Brooklyn,