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Veronica Varlow
  -  Goal Achieving Tips   -  The 2 Most Important People In Your Life To Hold You To Your Dreams

Can I ask you a serious question?
Who are the two most important people in your life that hold you accountable for living your truest dreams?

It’s so easy to get side-tracked.
It’s so easy to just let life and time passing get in the way of moving forward with the things you want to make happen sometimes.
Am I right?

But no more fear, my Darling…
that shit is all about to change
with these two people who are always in your corner.

They are the two people that I hold everything I do in my life to…
and every single time they help me to make the right decision.
If I’m straying off my own path….
the very THOUGHT of these two
push me back on track.

Important Person Number One: Little ME!

Think back when you were little, and when people asked you what you wanted to be.
Think how easy it was to say: Astronaut! Vet! President! Movie Star!
You never tsaid….

 Well, damn, I’d love to be an astronaut, but with all the cuts to the space program, maybe it won’t work out.

Being President would be awesome, but well, there’s never been a female president yet, and that seems like too much to overcome.

Hell no.  These thoughts NEVER went through your mind when you were little.
You’d tell anyone that asked exactly what you wanted to do
and you MEANT it.

Little You is hardcore.
Little You doesn’t care about some obstacles here and there.
That’s why Little You is the person most likely to keep you on the path of your dreams.

Whenever I’m terrified to do something, I think about Little Me.
I want to make her proud of the life that I’ve built for her to live.

So if I’m faced with a decision or an action that could be hard or scary,
I think:

Would Little Me think this was really cool
or would she think this was some stupid bullshit?

If she thinks it’s cool, I’m going for it.
No matter what.
The one person that I don’t want to disappoint is Little Me.
She had big dreams for us.

Tip: If you’re reading this – and you’re thinking, damn, I don’t know if Little Me would be super excited about where I am right now….

When rockets take off to outer space,
they only have a 20% accuracy rate for their path to the moon.
So how do they get there?
They keep checking in to Space Command as they move forward and if they are veering off course, they just figure it out and get back on track….
And they make it.

If one of our most impressive and advanced feats in science and space can be “off track” 80% of the time, and have to keep checking back in to correct its course,

Important Person Number Two: Future Me!

This is the fabulous, 85-year-old Daphne Selfe, and she is totally giving me the vibe that I would want to emulate at any age!

When I envision Future Me,
She is full of life, she probably has teal or pink hair, she has one full gorgeous sleeve of tattoos on her right arm, she rides all over town on a pink bicycle with flowers. She is an author and she loves to go on adventures, connect with others and write stories in her books to everyone to enjoy!

With the income she makes from writing books and doing her Witch Camps, she is able to set up funds to help animals, children, the environment and her community.

She owns acres of land on a mountain with rivers and streams. She lives in a vibey Victorian house with lots of sunshine and a moon tower to climb up to and there’s all of these sweet magick cottages on the acres of land where Witches from all over the world can come and stay and learn and share stories about magick. She sits by the bonfire every night with her beloved husband, David and all of her friends from over decades and decades of Witch Camps and the Parlour and they share stories and sing songs together and look at the big open sky of stars. Everyone is safe there. Everyone is seen and heard and cared for. They all make magick together and help inspire each other to continue to live their dreams. She is grateful for every day and she knows without a doubt, that magick is real.

For this sweet vision of Future Me to happen, that means that Present Me has got to listen to her heart and continue to grow and go on the right path to make this happen for Future Me. When I want to be frivolous with money or I want to just hide and not do the things I’m supposed to do, Future Me and the dream of her sets me on the right course.

If you really want to live a life that is true to your heart and your being – live it and make decisions based on Little You, Present You and Future You.

Start that savings account. Buy your Future Self coffee a few times a week by depositing what you would have spent on coffee into their savings account.

Be active if you can and take care of your health.

Take a risk on something you’ve been dreaming of..

My number one way to stay on track in life and stay true is to think:

What would Little Me want me to do? I know that she is very much still alive within me and by making the right choices, her life force energy grows even more!

What do I envision Future Me’s life to be like, and how can I make choices today to get her there?

You got this.
Little You and Future You are rooting for you –
and I am, too!

Now I wanna here from you in the comments… can answer either question – What would Little You want you to do in life right now? or What do you envision Future You’s life to be like, and what are some choices you can make today to get them there?

Have a great week.
And if you like my diary, please share it!

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