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The Spectaculus School of Spellcasting
  -    -  The Spectaculus School of Spellcasting

The Spectaculus School of Spellcasting

The Spectaculus School of Spellcasting is like Hogwarts...but REAL.

Picture yourself: arms outstretched to the starry night sky, your head tilted back towards the moon, mystical amulets adorn your neck, the secret words of rhyming spell incantations cross your lips as you feel your own unique magick power surging through you.

Designed to work hand-in-hand with Veronica’s Bohemian Magick, this course is the perfect companion to go through the book’s spellcasting chapter and delve even deeper into the subject to reveal everything you need to know about spellcasting.

Throughout the course, you can expect to explore:

  • A step-by-step guide to spellcasting that includes: Creating You Foundation, Setting the Invitation, Uncovering Your Bones, and more
  • Your own unique spellcasting style
  • Fun and engaging homework, pop quizzes, and grimoire guidance

Course Includes

Video Modules
6 video modules (15-30 minutes each) of interactive lessons, exercises, and opportunities for sharing with Veronica