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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  Your Recipe for Riot Grrrl Fashion: Picture Post with Tips

For the Winter of 2014, I’ll be serving up some Riot Grrrl circa 1990s.

Wanna rock some fabulous basics with me? This is the recipe for your riot (in fashion that is):

♥ In the Gutter Forever.
Rule Number one: Fuck it up. Destroy Perfect.
Messy hair. Black smudged eyeliner. Smeared Lipstick. Attitude for days.
You’ve got your own band, you run a zine, you’ve got something to say and you want the world to know about it.

♥ Vintage Slips for DAYS.
Any thrift store or second hand store has got tons of beautiful slips on the cheap. Lace, satin, sexy straps. Most likely, because they’re vintage, they’re already slightly fucked up, so you can pass out on floors with them, rock out on stage with them, and roll around in the gutter. It just gives them more character and you’ll look good doing it.

♥ Plastic Barettes, Tiaras, Flowers.
Crown yourself Queen of Everything.
It’s time to take back what’s yours. You can also throw in a mix of things – tiaras, vintage hair crowns, plastic barettes hanging on to the ends of your hair, do it all. Roll around on stage and then give the camera the middle finger.

♥ Fucked Up Tights/Fishnets/Crochet Stockings.
It’s Winter in NYC – so time to pull on those tights, knee socks, crochet stockings, layers of fishnets and march into that cold cold night like it’s no big deal.
You’ve got this.

♥ Oversized Round Black Sunglasses.
First Coco Chanel made them popular, then Kurt Cobain took that shit over.
Nina Gordon from Veruca Salt regularly rocks the oversize black ones – and those are my favs.
Black, round and big – to match the hole in your soul.

♥  Babydoll Dresses.
The Riot Grrrl Movement took back the dress – you could be a badass and rock a babydoll dress at the same time. Peter pan collars are my favs. This is my vintage 1968 Dunkin Donuts outfit and it’s the damn holy grail. Throw your choice of hair accessories on, pull some stockings on, lace up the vegan doc martins, dab the glitter in the corner of your eyes and you’re good to go.

♥  Leopard.
You can’t go wrong with leopard print. You can’t. It’s a punk rock staple and it has a bad reputation….just like you. So throw it on, grab your friends, jump in a pile in the gutter and look at those stars…….

For the Riot Grrrls and Boys Forever.


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