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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  Your January 2015 Tarot Horoscopes! (Picture Post)
photo by Saidy Lopez

photo by Saidy Lopez

Happy 2015!
This photo was one of the first taken of me in 2015, performing a new number on stage at Dances of Vice, shortly after the ball dropped, and you can see the photographer captured me in a moment of pure bliss.
May we all have that wild, unapologetic, passionate, this-is-what-i-was-meant-to-do bliss in 2015.
More of that please!

Here is my first Tarotscope of 2015 for you –
please pass this on, share it, reblog it, retweet it, and share with your friends.
I put so much care, time and love into it – and I hope you can feel it.
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Capricorn – December 22 – January 19: The Fool
Happy Birthday to my sweet Capricorns! As the first one getting their tarotscope read for 2015, the fact that the Fool card jumped out of the deck for you is quite fortuitous! The Fool is one of my favorite cards of the entire deck and is speaking of bringing you many beautiful brand new beginnings in 2015. Think of this… remember when you were a child and your imagination ran wild about things and plans you would do as an adult? The little version of you didn’t question any of it! Obstacles? What’s that? Well – that child version of you is ready to take over in 2015…get ready for your imagination to be soaring and your inspiration to be in hyper drive. Time to hurl yourself into the things you truly dream of in all aspects of your life and go on a wild adventure. Don’t think of obstacles – just go for it. New, beautiful and positive beginnings await you all year!

Question:  What would you do if you could not fail? Daydream about all the beauty you want to bring into your life…pick one adventure per month and journey into it!

Aquarius – January 20 – February 18: The Sun
Aquarius – it looks like 2014 may have had some serious ups and downs for you. Do not worry….the Sun brings in the light for your 2015.
Time to bask in it!
The Sun card talks of utter joy and a feeling of “spark”. It is that knowing that you are headed in the right direction in your life journey and savoring every gorgeous step. It’s the brightness you will be giving off throughout this year. Imagine those cold moments of winter when the sun hits your face, and grows warm…it’s like a special gift. Enjoy 2015 as the sun shines upon you in all you do.

Question: What makes you truly happy….what are those moments when time escapes you when you are doing them? What are some of the happiest memories of your life? Name em’ and claim ’em! Time to draw more, more and MORE of that to you in this year. 

Pisces – February 19 – March 20: The Star.
Pisces….I’m going to be honest with you. While working on your shuffle, this card jumped immediately. I put it back in the deck because I’d only just started shuffling for you, and after 5 minutes of continued meditating and shuffling for you – The Star revealed itself again. This card was meant for you! My darling…now is a time for hope and renewal in your life.
Picture this: You.
Lying down in the grass, watching the heavens for a shooting star to streak across the sky to make a wish on. The Star card holds that energy…the feeling that a star is going to streak across the sky at any moment just for you – and it WILL. The Star is encouragement and inspiration for all that you wish to have in life. It is a new sense of confidence and support. Time to step into the spotlight of your own life. This card also lets you know that you will grow your own self-esteem this year. You will feel more confident than ever – fully accepting yourself as you are and knowing that you kick serious ass.
Question: Quick – what are three qualities that you possess that you are really proud of? Time the shine your best self out into the world and feel the star within you for 2015.

Aries – March 21 – April 19 : 3 of Cups
Oh, my Darling Aries….such a juicy card jumped out of the deck for you in 2015.
Let me tell you a little story… there is a burlesque vaudeville house on the corner of Orchard and Stanton that waits for me at the top of a flight of stairs hidden away in New York City.
It’s called The Slipper Room…and when I walk through its doors, I feel more at home than I’ve ever felt in my life, and I feel surrounded by my truest and most dear friends that I can create anything with. The 3 of Cups is the embodiment of this feeling.
2015 will bring new friendships into your life that will make you feel supported, respected, and truly ALIVE. The beauty about the 3 of cups – is that all of these friends are on equal ground, there is none higher or lower than the other. They come to each other with mutual respect and admiration. Because this card is in the “cups” suit, it indicates that there is a deep emotional and creative connection with these friends. These are people that you’ve called to you through lifetime after lifetime. Have no doubt, you will be surrounded by friend family this year…and as a wild team, you will all help lift each other to new heights you would never have previously dreamed of.

Question: Who are the people in your life that make you feel most alive? Who stirs your creativity? Who do you feel a mutual inspiration buzz from? Seek these ones out and watch your life shine with their presence, as much as their presence shines in yours.

Taurus – April 20 – May 20:  The Magician
Taurus! The Magician has one resounding message to give to you: “Everything You Need Is In Front Of You.” The Magician is the one card in the entire deck that has all of the suits (swords, pentacles, wands and cups) within it. This is an assurance for you that you are not “lacking” anything – so get out of that mindset and know that you have the tools and the drive to create and manifest all that you choose to. Everything you need is within you and before you. The Magician also tells us to tap into our “magic” side while also having firm grounding and a good practical standpoint as well. The mix between the magical and practical will make this year soar for you. Time to step into the Magician role and manifest all you wildly dream of in 2015, Taurus!

Question:  Name 3 positive things (big or small) that you have manifested in your life or called to you. Have no doubt you are a powerful magician…get ready to make more of this happen!

Gemini – May 21 – June 20: Chariot
Gemini, my darling, The Chariot is lead by this beautiful horse who appears to you. This horse says – “Time to Take The Reigns.” The Chariot lets you know that in 2015 – you can truly overcome obstacles and ride to VICTORY. Grab a hold of those reigns and take control of what you want to create in your life. Whenever I get this card, I always take a moment and imagine I’m writing the story of my life. So, dear Gemini – you’ve got the pen – you’re writing the story. How do you want this to go? You are in the driver’s seat. Have no doubt. In 2015, when you start leading the direction that your heart has wanted to go in – you will see victories.

Question: Time to take action. Sit for a moment in a quiet space and write down three goals for your life (small or big) this year. Write down some simple steps you can make happen to get those things and point the Chariot in that direction! ONWARD!

Cancer – June 21 – July 22:  The Empress
BAM, Cancer! Get ready for a sensual, gorgeous year – while you walk side by side with the Empress. The Empress is all about indulging in the beauty of the world…being surrounded by it, noticing it and BEING it. The Empress is a sensual creature who loves the pleasures of this world….the feel of grass between your toes, the lights of candles dancing on your warm and scented bathwater, the feel of raindrops hitting your skin on a hot day…. she takes pleasure in it all and she heightens your awareness to all of that this year. She is YOU indulging in the feminine aspects of yourself – whether you are male or female. Get ready for a whole new sensual and powerful world!

Question: When is the last time you tapped into that sensual side of you? The photo moment captured of me at the top of this post – I felt like I was on top of the world…pulling a silk glove off my arm and snapping it back…what pleasure! I was indulging in the delights of the Empress. How can you indulge in the pleasures of the physical world? Take yourself out to a gorgeous dinner? Splurge on those gorgeous sheets you’ve been looking at? Take yourself to the park and spread yourself on the ground and feel the powerful beauty of Nature all around you? What will you do?

Leo – July 23 – August 22: 8 of Pentacles
Oh, hell yes, Leo! The spider weaves its own unique web and creates a home through his creativity. YOU are doing the same in 2015. The 8 of Pentacles talks about you have a “foundation” doing things you love and is saying that you will use 2015 to keep “weaving” and create mastery in things you have been passionate about. This card says to keep practicing, gain co-collaborators that will keep you on track, seek out a teacher, for you are all about GROWING and moving forward on the skills you are passionate about this year. This will make your spirit and self-confidence soar. Start weaving!

Question: Okay, Leo….let’s talk. What are you really into doing? What makes you passionate and excited that you are creating in your life? Last year, someone left a guitar leaning against my wall at a party I had. I started the “foundation” of learning how to play – and really want to continue that this year and weave more growth and music into my own web. What do you want to weave in?

Virgo – August 23 – September 22: Ace of Pentacles
Aces in tarot ALWAYS bring new beginnings. This is a great way to kick off 2015! Check out the artwork in this card….see that spot right in the middle? That’s the tiny seed that grew into a massively abundant tree. Everything truly great, once started small. Dream big, see the wild beautiful possibilities in 2015 and plant those seeds. It is the year that you plant the “seeds” for something that you will see grow into something abundant, positive and strong.

Question: You have been dreaming about taking a serious chance on your future and starting something new. The ace of pentacles says that the ideas you create now – will blossom into abundance….what seeds you want to plant?

Libra – September 23 – October 22: 9 of Cups
Libra! The “Wish” card of the deck jumped out for you! In the entire deck, the 9 of cups is one of the most welcome of all the cards. This is you living in the moment and great things happening as a result! The 9 of cups is that feeling that strikes you in the chest – that sunshine joy that just spreads through your body when something fantastic happens. 2015 will be about impossible things being made possible for you. This year, your power to “wish” and manifest will be stronger than ever. Good fortune waits for you. Go get it!

Question: Libra, be honest. What is your heart’s true desires? Time to make those wishes and set them into being. You are powerful. Whenever I get this wish – I always do this 3 ways….1. What’s a wish for yourself? 2. What’s a good wish you have for someone else? 3. What’s a wish you have for the world? Put it out there!

Scorpio – October 23 – November 21: Ace of Wands
Another ace means positive new beginnings for you in 2015! The wands are ruled by the passionate element of fire and talk of CREATIVITY. This is about you finding your own creative voice in whatever you do. This card is about really “coming into your own” and having others recognize the powerful “true” you. As you continue into 2015, you will find your confidence increase as you have more a footing and idea of what you want to do and who you really want to be. You will feel truly inspired and have surges of energy that you haven’t felt in a long time. The ace of wands gifts you with inspiration, passion, and wild creativity. Time to be the true you.

Question: Scorpio, what kind of creative pursuits have you been fiending? Writing songs? Working on a book? Playing music? Painting? Studying dance? What is your creative jam? Time to go for it and feel you become more yourself than ever in 2015.

Sagittarius – November 22 – December 21: 3 of Pentacles
The 3 of Pentacles talks of great collaboration in a work or dream project environment. See that picture in the card, Sagittarius? It’s about three coming together – three powerful forces on their own – to put their superpowers together to CLIMB THE MOUNTAIN and succeed. Yep. That’s the story of this card: Super Collaborations of Great Proportions! It is so hard to get massive things we dream of alone – time for your super team to launch into action! Each one stands solidly alone, but together they are unstoppable. 2015 is a year of successful collaborations that will bring you abundance and good things!

Question: Who is your “dream team” of collaborators? Reach out to people who inspire you to make big things happen this year. Teamwork will help bring your dreams into reality with ease in 2015.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s Tarot Horoscopes!
If you’d like to answer your questions in the comments below, I’d love to read your replies.
Let’s kick ass together in 2015!


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