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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  Will You Be My Valentine?

So much to tell you. So much. Life has been a gorgeous waking dream as of late…in the past eight weeks, I performed at the Marc Jacobs party dancing under a sea of gold glitter and floating white feathers, I saw a flowing lava river five feet under the ground and slept under the most beautiful night sky pinned with stars in Hawaii, and I was a dark faerie queen in an amazing new video by The Switch surrounded by cute girls in wings and a boy fanning me with peacock feathers. *Whew!* Pictures to come.

Oh! and I threw myself down an entire flight of concrete subway stairs. Well, just because. So now I have hot scabs on my knees and my ankles….wanna see ’em? Well you’re in luck because…..
… I am performing tomorrow night for Valentines at Corio in Soho. I will be taking the stage at 11pm and doing a second performance at 12:30am. Located at 337 W. Broadway at Grand Street. It’s going to be a hoot – I hope you can make it. I will also be performing there at the same times on Friday night, February 16th, singing “My Heart Belongs to Daddy” and doing my Film Noir act.

Future performances include:

Monday, February 26th
The World Famous Bob’s Revue (right off the ol’ L train) at Galapagos Art Space
Sunday, March 4th
Sweet and Nasty Burlesque hosted by Veronica Sweet and Nasty Canasta!
Thursday, April 19th
My Birthday Show at Starshine Burlesque with Lil’ Brooklyn and Creamy Stevens!

If you wanna get on my mailing list – email me at veronica at dangerdame dot com.

Love to you all…