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Veronica Varlow
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Wisdom Tooth
VKA Commander Synthetice and I – doing what we do best…poison kissing!
I have been swamped lately, as world domination does take quite a bit of one’s time, oddly enough. I realized that I have not announced in my journal something that I am so insanely proud of….
So here it is…without further ado…the
Official VKA website!
The VKA stands for Veronica’s Kissing Army – and that lucky Veronica in the equation would be me…and well, I’ve got an army of the finest deadly kissers in the world behind me! VKA soldiers are fiercely dedicated and what started as a simple thread on Emilie Autumn’s forum has turned into a REVOLUTION!
VKA soldiers do NOT take things lightly. They do not mess around.
Synthetice, a VKA commander from Lithuania built the site and works closely with my hot commanders from all over the world to really create a presence to be reckoned with and an unbeatable army. She recently organized a chat, has the cutest avatars and banners she designed, pictures, info, and everything else. And when you click on the Army link – you will see the names of the girls that I am in love with. So click it – I dare you!
I am absolutely honored by the outpouring of love from the fierce VKA soldiers…I will be seeing you very soon and there will be lovely poisoned kisses for all of you!
*make out pile!*
All my love,
Your VeVa