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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  Let’s Get This Party Started: Unique Birthday Rituals!

It is after midnight in New York City,
the Empire State Building is pure white like a sparkling diamond
and it is my BIRTHDAY!
What a fantastic year of adventure it has been…
thank you for coming along this wild ride with me.

I’ve got two unique birthday rituals that I made up and that I love to do every year and I wanted to share them with you.

1. The Three Roses.

Every year, I buy myself three gorgeous full red roses on the day before my birthday.

This year, I took the petals of the first rose and put half of them in a gorgeous candlelit bath for myself, and the other half of the petals are strewn all over my bed, ready for me to sleep in.

Waking up in rose petals for your birthday? DELICIOUS.

The second rose I put in a beautiful vase that I can look at during my day.

And the third rose I hand to a stranger on the street.

With the Three Roses Ritual, I can honor myself for another gorgeous year of adventure in this body of mine.  I celebrate my spirit and this wild life in the city I love the best.  AND I get to pass along that joy of the roses to someone else – surprising someone on the street is going to make my day!

2.  Making A Wish On The Empire State Building.

Every night at 2am, the Empire State Building flickers off.

One night the idea struck me on my birthday to climb up to my roof and make a list of wishes….

and then face towards the Empire State Building

make my wishes and then “blow” the building out.

It is the most beautiful candle on the cake of this gorgeous city that I adore.

Want to wish with me?  Just play this:

As I write this, I have 20 minutes to get out on the roof before I blow the Empire State Building out tonight to start my birthday off right.

What rituals do you do for your birthday?
Share in the comments!


  • Helga

    These rituals sound amazing ?

    September 15, 2021
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