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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  Tonight We Fly….

Tonight I got bundled up in my pink fuzzy things and got on my bike to go see my next door neighbor’s art.
I was all alone in the gallery and it was the perfect way to see it. Taking my time to look over all the little details of each painting.
Her name is Ati Maier and her work is gorgeous. I almost didn’t want to include such a small photo…because her paintings are really large with tiny details. Each little section of work is a whole world of its own…with little messages hidden like “…tonight we fly….” and “places you will never see….”
The tiny words are hidden in the stars. And upon each discovery of a new word…was a different aspect, a different turn for the painting. All the different places you can go…
This painting is called There Is Always More…