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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  This Is What My Heart Looks Like…

This is my reason for living. My beautiful baby Miette.
I just celebrated my six month anniversary having her as my baby. She has changed my life with all of her love. I am so thankful that my little Gret brought this abandoned baby to me just in time for my birthday this year. She loves to come over and put a paw on either side of my shoulders and hug me, and cuddles next to me every night. In so many ways she has saved my life. She truly is my heart…my beautiful little girl.
She was rescued from the streets of the Bronx by an amazing woman named Monet, who started the First Run Medical and Rescue Fund for Animals twelve years ago. Monet is also the one responsible for starting the dog runs in New York City. The fund has coordinated more than 4,000 adoptions. Monet already had three pets at home, but she took my little Miette in temporarily because she was badly abused, neglected and needed a home. I will be forever grateful to her for taking Miette in and taking care of her until I adopted her.
This Sunday, November 13th…at the Orchid Lounge, 500 E. 11th St bet Ave A and Ave B from 4:00 to 8:00pm there will be a fundraiser for The First Run Medical and Rescue Fund for Animals. A $15.00 admission gets you unlimited beer, wine and food. So please be there!
Also, my 1940s/1950s pin-up clothing store, Danger Dame will be donating 10% of our profits for the month of November to the fund. So you can look glamourous and help animals at the same time!
If you can’t be there, and you want to help, you can send a tax deductable check to: First Run Medical and Rescue Fund, 157 East Second Street #1F, New York, NY 10009. Just whip out the checkbook and do it. I promise you’ll feel really good. And tell her you know Miette!
Thank you for your help! Monet and the First Run Medical and Rescue Fund do such an amazing job for the animals of New York City (and I owe my life to Monet for saving Miette). Spread the word.