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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  Things I Think About Thursday: The Fight To Be True To Ourselves in All Ways

We danced until the sun met us on the other side of a new day.


With the artist and activist, Benjamin Cerf and my beloved, Mr. Burke Heffner.

This great city was our witness.

The moment I stepped into Dorian Gray it was a fantasy made real.

She stood above the crowd on a platform like the goddess she is, the lights catching the crystals on her body as she danced. Her hands curved into the shape of a heart to me across the crowded room…the Birthday Beauty, Miss Anna Evans. Her partner-in-crime, Kayvon Zand, stood by her side in a black corset matching the black liner under his eyes.

I was home.

The Beautiful People (Inside and Out): Kayvon Zand and Anna Evans

The Beautiful People (Inside and Out): Kayvon Zand and Anna Evans

More and more in my life, I look around at the people that I am honored to call my friends and know that these are the people I had dreamed of hanging out with back when I imagined moving to New York City someday.

People that push boundaries. People that live boldly and wildly. People that unapologetically follow their heart’s desires.

Kayvon and I were standing under the red lights of the dance floor, watching all of this around us, when I remarked how I respect how true he stays to himself, to his vision and to everything he does.

And he said, “I feel that you just have to do things your way. No one knows what will work or what will be a “hit”. If you end up doing it “their” way, you lose yourself in in the mix. When you do things your way, no matter what, you’ll never lose your character. That’s something that is irreplaceable.”


Kayvon and the Zand Collective do beautiful things like this:

The message that has been coming up over and over in my life…through the stories of tarot cards that are thrown down and through those around me that inspire me most is:

The time is now.

Fear is an illusion.

May we hurl our bodies, full force, into our most wild and far-reaching dreams.

It is all attainable.

And I am fucking going for it.

I am proud to announce that on September 20th, Burke and I are launching our Kickstarter for our most beloved dream, creating our feature film, Revolver. We will be hitting the road and tracing the path of the cross-country road trip that Burke and I dreamed up years ago and put down to paper. Now…all together…we can make this real. And we want to meet you along the way…

We are doing it our way.

Just like our inspirations and heroes do it.

With no apologies.

Today, a question stirs in my mind that I have answered many times in my life…and it is always good to ask again.

What would attempt to do, if you knew you couldn’t fail?

In the answer of that question.. is where our wildest dreams await us.

Answer boldly in the comments.

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