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Veronica Varlow
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In Munich…
Wisdom Tooth
As I write this, we are all hanging out in the back lounge of the tour bus after a heavenly day of adventure around the city.
Since the last time I wrote…..
* Contessa and I adventured in the dark trying to break into a building in Munich that shall be unnamed. We learned you do indeed need more than one hairpin to be successful. However, I am convinced that Contessa is a gypsy and can do anything she sets her mind to.
* We watched some random film that someone bought in a gas station at 4am after a show called “Sunday School Musical” – which at one point in the film, for no reason whatsoever – one of the girl characters says to the main character….”Are you stressed? Is it something to do with school?” Which we have taken to saying on stage.
* Contessa and I stayed up late exercising to her Bollywood dance video jumping on our beds along to the video. Now at random break stops we jump out of the bus, do the Bollywood moves under the moon and jump back on the bus. We find it makes us feel better afterwards. I mean, it’s Bollywood. How can you not feel better afterwards?
* Nana surprised me in Vienna with another painting she did of me as the Queen of Spades which I will post as soon as I can get it scanned. I was very touched to receive it. Which reminds me – I also have to scan the amazing drawing that Synthetice made of me as well. Not only are the VKA loyal, fierce and gorgeous – they are also quite talented.
* Aprella, Em, Contessa, Maggots and I – as well as Paul and Ewa of our awesome crew – stood in the sunshine under the spectacle of the dancing barrel makers of the Rathaus-Glockenspiel in Munich. Apparently, in the 16th century, the first people to come out of hiding in Munich after a bad bout of the Plague were the barrel makers who did a dance to let people know it was safe to come outside again. The dance is re-created on the bottom tier of the glockenspiel and it was fun to watch.
* At one moment today, while just sitting on the stone walkway in front of a cathedral talking to Paul and Maggot – everything got silent for a moment and we were looking around at the people walking past us and just enjoying the day. It really hit me what a true adventure we are on…and that I was in fact, on the opposite side of the world from my home and having the chance to experience new foods, new culture, new sights and getting the chance to meet so many of you on the road. It was just a good feeling – a feeling that everything is right in the world knowing that I did not let down the child in me who wanted to travel and adventure so much. Moments like that I wish I could capture in my head and replay over and over. This is why I type this now…so I will not forget.
* Then all of us, my traveling gypsy family, met up to celebrate Carsten’s birthday. A sunset of violet and blue made way for an almost full moon decorating the sky over the romantic city. I will never forget walking underneath old brick tunnels of this historic German city seeing the lone shadow of a violin player on the wall as his music drew us all further into the tunnel.
* It is after four in the morning and we are all still awake. We are drinking tea and giggling uncontrollably.
And that is all.
For now.