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Veronica Varlow
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of Veronica Varlow….
Behold! My last Wisdom Tooth! Death-defying! Gorgeous! Able to read minds and laser beam down enemies in a single glance!
Wisdom Tooth
Yes. This wisdom tooth decided it was too sexy for my body and wanted to jump ship today.
No European tour for this little one!
I knew it had to come out, but was waiting til the last possible minute. I was on the way to choreograph a hot vaudeville burlesque number for the tour this morning when I was almost doubled over in pain from this hot piece of tooth. It’s feisty, that’s for sure. Not to mention a bit demanding. It wanted out and it wanted out – NOW. Luckily, I was right next to a dentist who is only open one Saturday a month who took pity on me and fit me into the crazy schedule.
He even let me keep the tooth – which isn’t the norm. They are supposed to be incinerated, but I have this weird thing about parts of my skeleton going up in flames, so I’ve saved all of my wisdom teeth.
As I write now, I am lying down comfortably in Emilie’s big Victorian bed, with the rats, Sir Edward and Basil running about and making my puffed up face smile. Em and my Crumpet sisters have been taking such good care of me – so I will be nursed back to health in no time.
I am looking forward to see what the tooth fairy will bring me – after all, it is my last tooth that has to come out – so I do hope it’s something quite wonderful!
Please excuse me while I go to make out with more pain pills. *Ouch!*