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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  The Struggles and Triumphs of a Dream: Shooting Revolver

A Peek of Still Footage from Revolver:
One thing I have learned in the past 30 days…
Dreams are not sane.
You have to be willing to journey to the Seventh Circle of Hell if you want them.
Vehicle breakdowns.
Burned out clutches.
Flash floods in Nebraska.
Tire Blow-Outs.
Begging favors.
Pleading for permits.
Going renegade.
The band of us working morning, noon and night to make this work.
“No sleep til Brooklyn” has never meant more than now.
There will be no sleep until the Mothership rolls across the country and back to Brooklyn.

You push yourself until you feel like you can’t anymore and then something in you keeps going.
And then you see the story, the art that the entire crew created together
and you know that when you look back on this moment
this moment
is the time you will remember most fondly.

Cinematographer Marshall Rose and Burke Heffner discussing shots.

Cinematographer Marshall Rose and Director Burke Heffner catching a beautiful sunset.

There are 13 of us.
And a chihuahua.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 4.46.42 PM

Makeup Superstar, Allison Elizabeth with Revolver Mascot (leader of the Wolf Pack), Niney.

And there are countless people on the way that have helped us with kindness more than they will know.
There is you.

Kurt Schwarz as Chuck in a Revolver Still Film Still.

Kurt Schwarz as Chuck in a Revolver Still Film Still.

And there are sunsets across this beautiful land that have awed us.
There are things we’ve never seen before.

Sound Mixer, Bill Hennessy, walks into the sunrise.

Sound Mixer, Bill Hennessy, walks into the sunrise.

There are days when the weather shines on us and Colorado Rocky Mountain passes are opened to us for the most gorgeous footage we’ve seen.
There are days when the locals have pitched in and made our film that much better.
There are days when we meet kind people who own junkyards and let us shoot chase scenes in them weaving through the cars – and they let us shoot all day for free and bring donuts and coffee.

A screen grab of footage from Revolver.

Police Chase Still from Revolver.

There are days when we have unlimited access to the most incredible abandoned motel/convenience store and restaurant from the 1930s that I’ve ever seen and we are given the keys for days…just because.
There are days when we arrive at a country hideout in the badlands with the most amazing food and company and warm candlelight.
There are nights when the stereo turns on in the Mothership and we dance until we can’t anymore….
under the moon
on the wild roads of America.
There are nights when we howl at the moon…
when we make campfires under stars.


Sunset on the Mountains – A Still from Revolver.

We are living.
I have never been more alive than I have been in the last month.
Once in a lifetime.

The first time I watched the footage we got
I cried.


An exhausted Blue faints – a still from Revolver.

I know what we have.
I believe in it more than I believe in anything.

And I wouldn’t trade anything for this moment.

Revolver Film Still

Walking off into the sunset.  A still from Revolver.


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