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Veronica Varlow
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What sets your wild heart ablaze?
And…a question even more telling….
WHY do these things set your heart ablaze?

2015 is our year of ACTION, my darling Danger Addicts
and all action starts with inspiration.

In the 12 days of this new year,
I’ve seen the sun rise 6 times,
I’ve let my heart lead me on unknown adventures winding in the streets of this city,
I’ve danced my ass off at The Slipper Room, in a warehouse somewhere in Brooklyn, in a bar tucked down a windy street where the DJ spun vinyl on an old record player.
I’ve gotten back to getting my finger tips blistered from making the strings of my guitar hum,
I’ve written 3 love notes for strangers to find and hid them in the places I love most within 5 blocks of my apartment,
I’ve let someone I’ve known for 7 hours crash at my apartment and sleep 4 feet away from me (and he’s now a cool new friend),
I listened to revealing stories about old and new New York told by friends gathering in a candlelit magic parlour,
And I have been hanging out with my friends that inspire me to no end…
the ones that believe in me
and the ones that I believe in.
The friends that become family.
Partners-in-crime until the end.

I just gave you the “what” I’ve done in the early days of this New Year.
But the “why” behind why I’ve done these things?
I am dedicated to a life of passion, of adventure, of love, of friendship, of really living after being attacked in the face by a rottwelier ten years ago and being struck with how fragile and short life really is.
I don’t want to be on my deathbed with regrets of what could have been.
That is what fuels me to push each day
to open and uncover its capacity for beauty/adventure/love/art/wildness.

One of my long-time friends that I’m continually inspired by, that I’ve been spending time with is Simon Sinek
here we are rocking in the second week of the year – out on the town in the city we love best.
Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 9.47.47 PM
Simon created something called the Golden Circle which looks something like this:
I believe that this is the core of success for all of us.
Most people and most businesses start from the outside in….
starting with the “what” and rarely even understanding or knowing their “why”.
Simon encourages people to uncover their “why” first…
as it is the KEY to everything to set your world into motion.

For instance, here’s a normal day to day example:

Don’t you hate it when you’re out at a party and someone starts up a conversation with:
“What do you do?”

Me, too.

I always found the “whats” to be tremendously boring.
But the “whys” to be far more interesting…
they hold the story behind it all.

Simon took all of that to the next level with his “Starts With Why” concept.

Want to find your Why?

Want to change your world in a mere 18 minutes?
Simon’s TED talk is one of the top 3 TED Talks of all time and is a MUST SEE for everyone who wants to make a serious change in their lives this year.

Knowing Simon has changed my life in such a positive way – and I’m excited that I’ll be doing one of Simon’s podcasts in the next month, as I uncover my own “why” on his show.

In 2015, I vow to live wildly and without regrets, push myself out of my comfort zone, gain inspiration from this gorgeous city and my dearest friends around me, quit being so goddamn hard on myself, take action on the things I’m passionate about and live with my eyes open to all the possibilities.

What do you vow to do this year?
Whisper to me in the comments and I’ll hold you to it…..

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