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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  The Secrets Of Spring You NEED TO KNOW.

I was born in the Springtime.
And every year,
when the vibrant blossoms bloom
from what was a bare skeleton of a branch,
I am reminded
that I can do the same.

The one thing that I know from a childhood of growing up among magic and myths…
was that we can use the seasons to our advantage –
to boost, to ponder, to imagine, to soar.
Many generations of baby birds have grown up singing their first songs in my hair.

I’ve talked about this in the Danger Diary before, and it’s a Spring tradition that is worth reminding…..
when I was a little girl, and particularly feeling small….
my Grandma Helen brushed my hair,
took the strands out of the brush,
and set it out for the birds.

Within moments, a bird came by and picked my strands of hair up its mouth.
My Grandma turned to me and said, “Your hair will be home now for baby birds to grow. They will sing their first songs nestled in strands of your hair.”

And my life suddenly seemed magical….
I had a secret
a pact with the birds and their songs.

Two days ago, Burke and I watched a bird pull a scrap of paper garbage off the street and flew away with it for its nest….and I was reminded to tell you this story again. I just cleaned out my brush and on my fire escape – is an offering to them.

And with all the buds and blossoms
with all the vibrance…
I call on YOUR spirit of blossoming…..

What is something that you want to bloom in your life, that is such a vibrant and honest part of you?

I will say that things have become very clear to me recently…
and I know what I want
I know what I want to create and inspire….

And I am so proud to announce my own wild blooms in the form of learning, growing and making it happen.

It is called
The Underground.

It is for everyone who has dreamed of being a part of a kickass gang, a secret club, a hive of inspiration.

 This is for those of you who sometimes feel like a piece is missing to life….that you are *almost* there, but need a push!
 This is for those of you who want to uncover that rich passionate side of yourselves. I’m talking about that sensual wildness in you, brimming with ideas, imagination and drive.
 This is for those of you who KNOW there is something more out there in life….and feel ready to seek it out.

Let’s find it together as our powerful badass gang meets UNDERGROUND weekly!

It is a 4-week course in New York City starting Thursday, June 11th.

AND if you aren’t in New York City – fear NOT….it is launching as a digital class on Sunday, June 14th!

If you are called to do this work, let’s make it happen!  I’m offering payment plans so all can afford.  I want us to MOVE FORWARD and world dominate together.

My Springtime wish is that we all learn to soar.
Come with me.

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