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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  The Power of Photos: 4 Things You Need To Know About YOUR Photos & Social Media

veronica varlow brooklyn
A Peepshow shut down my site for a moment on Monday….

I’m talking about the Danger Diary 30 Day Photo Challenge cheekily known as “Peepshow.”

People from all over the world committed to sharing photos of their lives for 30 days.

Here’s why photos are so important – to our blogs, to our dreams and to our lives.

1. We are By Nature, Visual Creatures.

A study conducted by HubSpot revealed that putting photos in posts on Facebook Pages will attract:
 53% more Likes than the average post average comments-per-photo to their overall
104% more comments than the average post

2. Photos Say What Words Cannot.

When our home burned to the ground in 2011, I shared my experience and feelings in my blog.
Those emotional posts were some of the rawest feelings and words I’ve ever expressed for the world to see.
I wanted to put it out there because after the fire, I searched for other people’s accounts of their fires on the internet so I could feel like I wasn’t alone.
I only found two.
But we live in a busy world that sometimes does not have time for words
and when I posted these personal photos,
I was able to reach 11 times the amount of people than the original word posts.
They communicate something that words couldn’t alone.
house fire

3. Photos Connect Us To Each Other’s Lives No Matter Where In the World We Live.

A Duke University study about human connection revealed that the sharing of online photos through social media and our blogs make us feel deeply connected even to people we have never met in person, and sometimes more so than people we know in person.

I know that’s true for me.
How about you?

4. Photos Help Define Ourselves To The World.

You are what you create.
You create what the world sees.

For instance, this was posted by Lady Cyanide for the Peepshow challenge on Day 1:
Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 9.29.29 AM

I realized afterwards that I define Lady Cyanide as a fire performer and fire eater – even though she stated in her post that it was her first fire eating lesson.
My mind has registered the photo and has already turned her into a performer.
She is putting that photo out there into the world as something she is doing –
and my mind is already attaching next steps to it
to where I possibly describe her to others as a “fire-eater” or “fire performer”.

Think about it.

I’m in the very beginning stages of my guitar learning journey.
I am extremely passionate about it and post photos of my practice often.
Think about it – has your mind taken me to pro level?
Has your mind possibly defined me as a full-fledged guitarist?
veronica varlow guitar

I’ve been sharing my life here at Danger Diary for over a year and 1/2 now and many of you have come with me on that journey.

The 30 Day Peepshow Experience is a way we can ALL share our day-to-day life experiences all over the world.

I want to see your world.

You can join at any time – simply take a photo and post on Twitter or Instagram and hashtag: #peepshow #dangerdiary #day1 – if you tag me – I’ll follow you back.
I am here on Twitter and Instagram.

Don’t know what to post photos of?
Here are some ideas that I have that you can use to guide you if you want, or go renegade and do whatever you’d like.

Post Photos of:

 A stranger you think is beautiful
  A book you are reading
  Your pet or pets
  A current obsession
  Magic in your life
  A friend you adore
  Something that inspires you
  The view from your bedroom or front door
  Your fashion or what you are wearing right now
  Your idea of family
  Something about the town/city you live in.
  Your keys
  Something to do with the current weather where you live (flowers blooming/snow falling)
  Something Red
  Something you wrote on a piece of paper
  Your favorite thing in your home (object)
  Something you are grateful for.
  Transportation (school bus/steering wheel/train tracks/bicycle/subway)
  Sunset or Sunrise
  The closest thing you have to nature.
  Where you like to chill.
  A gift.
  A selfie
  A crowd selfie
  Your shoes leaving your front door
  Something you see every day
  Something you wish you saw every day
  Something that changed your life

If you have more ideas – post them in the comments – and share this post of FB and RT on Twitter  – so we can connect the world together!



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