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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  The Horrors of Crossing Betty Crocker with Bettie Page

Today is the official one year anniversary of this nasty cake. And it is yet again, the birthday of the boy I made it for….Paul McG!
I started to make this cake in my horrible oven, and on that day, as much as I bumped it with my hip like the Fonz, it didn’t want to work…so I just put tin foil over the soupy batter, put it in the basket of my bike and biked to the East Village to meet up with other friends before Paul’s party. We finished cooking it (well, we finished cooking whatever wasn’t splashed all over the basket of my bike). It was such a disaster the five friends decided to add just whatever trash candy seemed to be in the house at that time. Which included Sweeties spelling out his name and Gummy Worms. Ewwwwww.
And I really do like Paul. Alot. Paul if you ever read this, I hope you forgive me for the cake. I hope the cake is not the reason that you mysteriously have to “work” about 1,500 miles away from me today. I’ve learned my lesson. I have mastered my oven over the past year. The Easy Bake oven is now my bitch.
Come back, Paul. I’ve got a landing strip of cupcakes in my kitchen with your name all over it.
…And not spelled out in 4 year old gummy worms this time.
And a belated birthday hug to Jason, who lives half way across the country, but not because of my cooking.