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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  The 2 Most Important People In Your Life To Hold You To Your Dreams

Welcome to a brand new week, Danger Addicts!

I wanted to give you a kickstart boost and something to think about to STAY TRUE to your wild, gorgeous path this week.

Can I ask….
who are the two most important people in your life that hold you accountable for living your truest dreams?

It’s so easy to get side-tracked.
It’s so easy to just let life and time passing get in the way of moving forward with the things you want to make happen sometimes.
Am I right?

But no more fear, my Danger Darlings…
that shit is all about to change
with these two people.

They are the two people that I hold everything I do in my life to…
and every single time they help me to make the right decision.
If I’m straying off my own path….
the very THOUGHT of these two
push me back on track.

Important Person Number One:
8 Year Old Me.
Think back when you were little, and when people asked you what you wanted to be.
Think how easy it was to say: Astronaut! Vet! President! Movie Star!
You never thought….

 Well, damn, I’d love to be an astronaut, but with all the cuts to the space program, maybe it won’t work out.

Being a vet would be cool, but how in the hell am I going to afford school?

Being President would be awesome, but well, there’s never been a female one yet, and that seems like too much to overcome.

Hell no.  These thoughts NEVER went through your mind when you were little.
You’d tell anyone that asked exactly what you wanted to do
and you MEANT it.

Little You is hardcore.
Little You doesn’t give a fuck about some obstacles here and there.
That’s why Little You is the person most likely to keep you on the path of your dreams.

Whenever I’m terrified to do something, I think about Little Me.
I want to make her proud of the life that I’ve built for her to live.

So if I’m faced with a decision or an action that could be hard or scary,
I think:

Would Little Me think this was really cool
or would she think this was some stupid bullshit?

If she thinks it’s cool, I’m going for it.
No matter what.
The one person that I don’t want to disappoint is Little Me.
She had big dreams for us.

TIP: If you’re reading this – and you’re thinking, damn, I don’t know if Little Me would be super excited about where I am right now….
When rockets take off to outer space,
they only have a 20% accuracy rate for their path to the moon.
So how do they get there?
They keep checking in as they move forward and if they are veering off course, they just figure it out and get back on track….
And they make it.

If one of our most impressive and advanced feats in science and space can be “off track” 80% of the time, and have to keep checking back in to correct its course,

Important Person Number Two:
80 Year Old Me.

This is the fabulous Daphne Selfe and she is rocking that flower crown.

Inspiration: This is the fabulous Daphne Selfe at 80 and she is rocking that flower crown.

When I envision 80 year old me,
she is full of life, probably has teal or pink hair, and she has got some stories.

80 year old me, loves to tell the wild stories about her very colorful and adventurous life.

She’s kind of adorable.

So, Present Me has got to throw myself into some crazy adventuring so that 80 year old me, can hang out at her local coffee bar, order a latte with cinnamon sprinkled on top (her favorite), and entertain everyone with stories that start with….

“Oh honey, you don’t even know the half of it! There was this one time, where I was living in a van, traveling cross country……”


“So when I made my living as a burlesque dancer at the infamous Slipper Room on Orchard Street….”

Actually. I hope 80 year old Me is still rocking out the Slipper Room.
You hear that 80 year old me? Make it happen.
Look at 85 year-old showgirl, Dorothy Dale Kloss, rocking it out.
You go, girl!

What stories do you want the 80 year old version of you to be able to tell?

So there you have it:
The two most important people to impress in this world.
And if you’re ever feeling like you’re getting off track –
think: “8-80”

What would 8 year old Me dream for me?
What stories does 80 year old me want to tell?

If you need further inspiration to keep going this week, check out my article How To Fight For Your Dreams When You Feel Like Giving Up.

You got this.
8 year old you and 80 year old you are rooting for you –
and so am I.

Wanna play along?

Use the hashtag #dangerdiaryhero and put a picture of Little You on Twitter or Instagram and make sure you tag me.

Have a great week.
And if you like my diary, please share it!

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