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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  Summer Music Festival Survival Guide: Top 5 MUST Things To Bring
veronica varlow concert

Can you spy me? Getting my groove on at the Jack White concert. Photo by Marc Gersh.

Wild. Hot. Insanity. It’s Summer Music Festival Time.

And if you’ve been to one – you KNOW – there’s ways to do it right
and ways to veer horribly wrong!

Emilie Autumn Veronica Varlow

Me and Miss Emilie Autumn moments before the show.

I’m here to show you how to

I’ve performed in festivals as far off as Australia and Germany,
I’ve held my own in a pit of 20,000 people at the Governor’s Ball Festival last weekend
and I’m headed off this Saturday to go rock the Vans Warped Tour with Emilie Autumn
I’ve got some weird insider secrets you won’t hear anywhere else.

You’ve heard the must-haves that you need to bring to any festival:
Water, more water, and more water.

But I’m going to tell you the things that have saved my ass when I’ve found myself in the pit
and people are passing out around me.

1. Lemon or Wild Orange Oil.

This tiny little 15ml bottle of lemon oil that I threw in my bag had some serious double duty beauty going on:

♥  It brought a semi-passed out girl back to consciousness.

She got pulled over the gates by security and leaned against the barricade that I was standing against.
She was too out of it to get in the wheelchair and was just trying to half stand/lean as she was seeing spots. I whipped my lemon oil out and put the bottle under her nose. She completely perked up and was able to focus again. The jolt of lemon oil to her brain did the trick.

Paging Nurse VARLOW.

♥  It made me smell fresh and awesome amongst a sea of sweaty bodies in 85+ degree weather.

A few drops of this on my skin made me feel like a human being again, plus it made everything smell nice around me. Because it’s organic and made from actually pressed lemon peels, it’s not going to make people allergic to it like those synthetic oils…and the girl next to me said “I just want to huff you all day.”

2. Sock Arm Bands.
Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 10.05.59 AM

Yep. Here’s some DIY festival goodness that will save your ass.
Grab a pair of black socks.
Cut off the stretchy part that normally goes on your ankle.
Pull these onto your wrists.
Not only will it help your friends spot you from ten rows back when you’re throwing your hands up in the air…
but you can instantly slide up to your hand and use it to open Port-a-Potty doors without touching them.
You’re welcome.

3. Hand Held Fan.
Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 10.30.35 AM

In the brutal heat with no breeze….
This little thing is going to become your best friend.
And YOU will become the best friend of anyone nearby who happens to be in the vicinity of your fanning.
Bonus points if you put fresh lemon oil on it and wave it through the body odor ridden audience.

4. Cool Vintage “Conversation Starter” Sheet.
pacman sheet

Trust me on this one….you are not going to want to stand all day.
Having a light sheet that you can fold and throw in your bag can be a day-saver.
Plus when it gets cold at night and you’re rocking some crocheted bikini top,
you can throw this around you and keep warm.

I brought a vintage Pac Man sheet with me I got off of eBay for 10 bucks- and not only was it an oasis for me,
I made new friends from people who thought it was cool.
Instant convo starter!

5. 2 Pairs of Cheap Sunglasses That It’s Okay To DESTROY.
lolita sunglasses

After the wildness of the shows were over and everyone had left –
the ground was COVERED in broken sunglasses.
Don’t even think of wearing expensive sunglasses to this noise.
Grab some Lolita style heart glasses for cheap on Etsy
and have a spare just in case.

What are some wild and crazy ideas of things you’ve brought to festivals?
Warped Tour HERE I COME.
See you there!

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