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Veronica Varlow
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Spellbinding burlesque
The above photo was a candid backstage photo taken by John Bentham at Shanghai Mermaid, seconds before I was about to go on stage. I love this photo, because in it, I’m working my magic…you are actually witnessing a “glamouring” secret that has been passed down by generations of women in my family – it’s subtle, and you only know it if you are related to me, or if you took my Spellbinding Burlesque class. Yes, my darlings….I have a virtual arsenal of spellbinding secrets and magic…ready to be shared.
This upcoming Thursday, I will be teaching my Spellbinding Burlesque class at the The New York City School of Burlesque from 7-8:30pm.
Besides performing itself, this class is one of my favorite things. At this point, I’ve taught women from ages 18 to 72, fabulous women of all shapes and sizes with all different backgrounds…some that are interested in trying burlesque professionally, and some that are just doing it to immerse themselves in the glamour and fun of it. Watching a whole new world open before these women who are dipping their toes into burlesque has been such a wonderful high. By the end of the fourth week, my students and I have bonded so much, that we don’t want the class to end.
The last two classes I’ve taught were sold out quickly….so I would like to invite you to be a part of our circle of bewitching bombshells. Pre-register now and join me at the New York School of Burlesque starting this upcoming Thursday from 7-8:30pm. For more information, all the details are on this link – Spellbinding Burlesque Class with Veronica Varlow
It’s a great class to take with a friend!
Here are some things my students have said:
“Veronica Varlow sees the beauty in You, and in falling under Her spell, you fall under YOUR spell. “Spellbinding Burlesque” is all about charm, sisterhood, and secrets!” – Coco La Pearl
“I loved the class! I wished it lasted FOREVER!” – Dame Beso
“Veronica – you gave us such great advice, opportunities, tricks, etc! Thank you!” – Miss Amanda Jones
“Your class is like a super-stylish, slumber party!” – Tallulah Luv
See you on Thursday!