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Veronica Varlow
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I just got back from a beautiful vacation visiting my Mom in Florida. I’ll post tons of pictures as soon as I get them developed and scanned. Lots of great stories of capturing old drive-in movie screens before they fall forever, saving urchins of the sea, dreaming of starry nights, and wooden flying creatures.
In the meantime, I give you a beautiful cartoon doll that my friend, Leslie, in West Virginia made of me. I love cartoons, don’t you? She looks really sweet, but just wait til she pulls out her switchblade hula hoop of death. Hey…Wonder Woman gets a golden lasso, I get a switchblade hula.
Tonight, I just spent an amazing hour at a new yoga class. My Mom also goes on Thursday nights at the same exact time. At the end, when you do that lying down meditation and you’re just supposed to breathe and think happy thoughts, I thought about how my Mom was doing the same thing hundreds of miles away.
I thought about how nice the imagination is, and how I could just close my eyes and imagine being right there with her. Then I also thought about the rest of my family far away, and my friends that are scattered all over the world.
It’s nice to just be able to close my eyes, think of them, and say hello.
Close your eyes.
I’m right here.
PS…my email is also working again, too…in case you’re not into the closing your eyes thing.