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Veronica Varlow
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I can’t even believe that I’m sharing this ridiculous picture.
I went to LA for the first time and I was a complete tourist. But look how giddy happy I am. Well that, and it’s the day after we won the award (which I proudly brought out of the rental car for this pic 🙂 Look at the gleaming golden trailer on top!) I called upon the goddesses of film…at the mecca of the sirens, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. Held my hands to the cement of Ava Gardner (one of my favorites and the SASSIEST), Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, Natalie Wood and Betty Grable.
I used to work in a glorious old moviehouse called the Lyric Theatre. The theatre has an amazing amount of history to it, opening in 1925 as one of the original silent moviehouses in Florida. I spent many long afternoons and evenings in that old projection booth -watching the same classics over and over again during a run. By the end of each film’s run, I was mouthing along with the heroines’ lines. “You know how to whistle, doncha, Steve?” (lean against door frame) “You just put your lips together and blow.” (turn on high heel and walk out).
And during those afternoons, watching the films through the glass, listening to the whirl of the projector, I was in those classic films, too…backing up Miss Bacall with all her strength and class. Setting the world on fire.
“Anybody got a match?”
It doesn’t hurt to dream, right?
Start mixing the cement, Boys…