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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  Picture Post: Your December 2014 Tarotscopes

tarot.jpgAt last, your monthly Tarotscope is back!
I stayed up all last night throwing down the cards for you and then woke up this morning to finish. It’s my most intensive and well-loved blog post for the whole month.
If you enjoy your Tarotscope as my gift to you,
please pass this on, share it, reblog it, retweet it, and share with your friends.
I put so much time and love into it – and I’m grateful that you are here.
Wanna join our Magic Underground?
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The Parlour happens worldwide online every Saturday. Come sit for a spell. And without further ado….
Sagittarius – November 22 – December 21: The World
The World?
You’re sitting on top of it.  Get ready for some great things coming up for you for this month and moving into 2015.  This card is the last card of the major arcana and it’s that big party at the end of the deck – there’s a naked girl dancing in the middle of it in traditional decks for christsakes. And naked girls dancing are always awesome. That’s what this is like.  You’re ready to rip off your clothes, dance your ass off and fully feel all the awesome shit you’ve got going on.  Inspiration, passion, joy.
Get it. Get It.

Question: What inspires you?  What brings you wild joy?  What makes you feel like you are rocking out with the universe? Do THOSE things this month.  See you on the go-go box at Slipper Room.

Capricorn – December 22 – January 19: The Star
Darling Capricorn.
You have been looking for a sign for good things coming for you and this is it. The star is a card of hope and lets you know that you have more resources available to you than you realize right now.
Read that sentence again. Seriously.  Italicize and BOLD that shit in your brain.
The star urges you to go for it, to take action, to hurl your gorgeous self into the unknown of your dreams – big and small.
Now is the time…..
the stars are on your side and I believe in you.

Question:  What dreams have you put on hold lately or what old dreams or things that inspire you can you bring to the present? What small steps can you take to start the ball rolling on your wildest dreams?

Aquarius – January 20 – February 18: Ace of Cups

Aquarius – A shining goblet sits before you and beckons you to drink, my darling. The Muses brought that goblet for you during the nighttime while you slept and it is their gift to you. It is full of creativity, boundless imagination, wild new ideas and ways to go about them. Lift that cup to your lips and drink deeply – all of those things are already inside you and the Muses will come to ignite your creative passions this month. You are a visionary.  Have no doubt.

Question: This month, make sure to give yourself some silent moments to just be alone and think – so the Muses can visit you and fill your head with gorgeous ideas. What projects or things are you passionate about? If you’re feeling lost currently, hold tight, the Muses will help you arrange all in your head and move forward bravely and passionately! 

Pisces – February 19 – March 20: The Fool
Let me tell you a little story, Pisces…while deciding to move forward on our film dream, Revolver, I knew two things:
that I really really really wanted it to come true and
that I would do anything to make it happen.
We threw ourselves right into it without thinking that it couldn’t be done or that there would be obstacles or problems or things in our way. Sure, we kind of knew some things were bound to happen, but you know how much thought we put into them? ZERO. We just went and did our thing. And you know what? If we WOULD have thought of all the problems that could have come up – we might not have done it. The Fool is like that – he goes forth on his adventures with a childlike heart and spirit – believing that all will come true, that nothing can stand in his way and that he can do anything. His heart is open wide and ready and he bestows this gift on you this month. Get in that childlike space of yours of dreaming, great ideas and vision and get your adventure on. Obstacles be damned.

Question: What would you do if you could do anything? The Fool is ready to walk with you this month and help you go for it.

Aries – March 21 – April 19 : 8 of Wands
My Darling Aries…When I was little, we would make these little paper mailboxes to tape to the front of our desks to get Valentines from our classmates. My Mom had a class list, and made sure that I wrote a Valentine for every kid in class so that no one would feel left out. I would write something kind and true about each person that I gave it to. Unfortunately, when Valentine’s Day came, I remember many times being sad at only getting a handful of Valentines at very best. Maybe you’ve also felt like this in the past, but not this month, my darling….
this is the month that that communication comes in full swing, the doors of the universe open and unexpected and beautiful messages come through loud and clear. The universe itself is ready to send you an unexpected Valentine of kind and genuine things about you. Have no doubt.

Question: As unexpected and beautiful messages hurl their way through the universe and straight into your lap….. what is a message you’d love to receive? Envision it.

Taurus – April 20 – May 20:  8 of Cups
True Confession, Taurus. Lately, when I’ve been holding a glass in my hand, more often than normal, I have a quick moment where I feel like hurling said glass against the closest wall and watching it smash everywhere.
I don’t do it.
Although I suspect I would feel a lot better if I did.
You, my darling, are holding that glass in your hand right now and you need to throw it and watch it shatter into a billion pieces, take a deep breath, clean it up and then go buy yourself a far better fucking glass.
This card is about growing. It’s about taking leave of the things that no longer work for you – be it a job that’s just getting more annoying or boring as the days go on, be it a life situation that isn’t inspiring you or bringing you down, be it a friendship or love affair that is getting stale and not working anymore. Whatever it appears as in your life, you know what it is. Time to move on and grow to something that suits you better. You can do it.

Question:  Taurus, what are you “growing” out of in your life right now? How can you gently say goodbye to that thing and prepare to move forward to something that help you stay true to yourself?

Gemini – May 21 – June 20: 8 of Swords

Gemini, there are sometimes that I feel frozen from doing anything because my mind is telling me forty different reasons why I shouldn’t do it, why I’ll fail, and why it’s just stupid.

Do you know those moments where your greatest enemy is your own mind?
Yep. We’ve all been there.
This card is telling you to snap out of it and move forward into the good things that await you.
Each one of those eight swords is a thought that you put up that is an obstacle to your own success….
it’s time for you to realize that they are just illusions.
Time for you to soar off into what you were meant to do.

Question: Have you when you tell yourself you can’t do something or won’t be successful at something?
Time to call yourself out and challenge that.
As my friend, Jen tweeted the other day – “Excuse me, while I tell my own mind to untuck itself for a moment.”
Yeah. Do that.
Smash down those obstacles and don’t let your own doubts hold you back.

Cancer – June 21 – July 22:  10 of Cups
This card is like playing the slot machines in Vegas and watching in surprise as those 3 double cherries come up. December is going to be a jackpot for you. The 10 of cups is all about abundance and joy in your home life – with relationships, with your chosen family/ancestral family, and with the projects that you are rocking. It’s that rainbow that arches across the sky after a period of rain.

Question: What are you grateful for in your life at this very moment? Noticing the good things acts like a magnet – bringing in more good things to you. And….with this abundance in your life – be it love, money or time….how will you choose to give back to the world in celebration of your good fortune?.

Leo – July 23 – August 22: 2 of Cups
Bonnie and Clyde.
Thelma and Louise.
You and the 2 of Cups, Leo.

This card is the jam. It symbolizes that perfect partner-in-crime, be it a love relationship or a kickass friendship. It’s that ultimate back and forth mutual respect, inspiration, ideas and support system for 2 people to converge to one mega-hot entity of world domination. The two of cups can also symbolize perfectly balancing the male/female inside of you.

Question: Look around you and think of the people that inspire you and make you feel like you can conquer the world. Pick one of them and give them a call or email them today to come up with some awesome schemes. Let them know how lucky you feel that they are in your life. If you’re in a relationship or going towards being in a relationship – this card bodes well for you – time to celebrate as that iconic pairing that you are……

Virgo – August 23 – September 22: 4 of Wands
What the hell is it?
What is it to you?
I know that I have at times felt more at home than I’ve ever felt sleeping in a van or sleeping on a tour bus, at times I’ve felt more alive and more at home in a tiny tent in the Badlands under the stars.  I’ve felt home closing my eyes and letting my fingers find the right strings for the chords of a song on my guitar and letting my voice fill up the silence around me.

Home is that thing that makes you feel like everything is okay.  That you are safe, that you are protected, and that in this moment, the wolves are not coming over anytime soon to blow that shit down.

Whatever your idea of home is – this month of December is all about creating it with those things you hold dear.  Be it a mattress on the floor, it’s YOUR mattress on the floor, damn it.  Rejoice in the “home” that you’ve created for yourself and know that it is a safe space for you to continue to grow.

Question: This month it’s about creating “home”.  What is home to you?  Is it being out in that regular club you go to on Saturday nights – surrounded by your best friends?  Is it hanging out in your favorite coffee shop where everyone knows your name?  Is it being in the place you live, sipping a cup of tea in bed and feeling like you have carved out a comfy nest in the world?  Name all the places you feel “home” – and rock them this month.

Libra – September 23 – October 22: Daughter of Wands
There are three white slips that hang in my house
for the specific purpose of luring the Muses with something pretty to wear.
My darling, Libra, this month, the Muses dance around you and give more inspiration and ideas than you can handle.
You are a genius of brainstorming this month.
The daughter of wands stands at your side and bestows all sorts of creativity, ideas and passion on you to really come up with ground-breaking ideas that will tilt your world on its head.

Question: Libra, where do those moments of inspiration strike you? In the shower? Driving a car? Meditating at the end of a yoga class? Having a cup of coffee and an empty notebook in front of you? Whatever it is – delve into that world this month and the Muses of Creativity will charm you with their gifts.

Scorpio – October 23 – November 21: 9 of Cups
AH! It has been awhile since this magic card has graced us with its presence. This is the WISH CARD of the entire deck. It is the card that tells of a wish being granted for you in the next month. It is your genie in a bottle asking you what you would like to have happen in your gorgeous life. You deserve a good month, know what I mean? Well. At last, it’s coming.

Question: Scorpio, What would you wish for – it’s nice to think of good things coming to you and others – so I ask you to do this exercise: you have 3 wishes… get one for yourself, one for someone you know and one for the world….what do you wish?

If you’d like to answer your questions in the comments below, I’d love to read your replies.

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