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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  (PHOTOS) D.I.Y. for Under $20: Bohemian Style Edition with Chalkboard Paint

Got 20 bucks and 30 minutes?
Let me you show you how you can transform your space in an instant.
My bohemian style icon is Miss Frida Kahlo.
Her style? Bright and Bold!
I had an idea to do chalkboard paint on some areas of my home,
so that I could doodle and draw with chalk to decorate.
Imagine how excited I was when I found out that you can get
chalkboard paint in ANY color!
I purchased this stuff for $19.99.
(NOT a sponsored post – just showing you guys what I used.)
I had my chalkboard paint mixed with “Twilight Magenta”.
Then I started with the nasty floor in front of my 100 year old brick fireplace.
This shizz is 4 layers deep of tile? linoleum? stone? ghosts of previous owners?
I grabbed my small paint roller and went to town.
I did two coats and they both dried in 15 minutes each.
Afterwards, I had fun drawing The Parlour symbol in white chalk straight onto the paint with great effect, then I put a tealight in the middle to add some va-va-voom!
This is how you do Bohemian Style!
I was so in love with how this looked and how fast it was,
I decided to give the old door of my apartment, a Spring makeover!
Do you think it needed it?
Then I rolled on two coats and gave each one 15 minutes to dry.
2 Coats of
Then I took white chalk and drew Erzulie’s veve….she is the goddess of love and passion.
Then I had fun chalk doodling on my door.
A New Door for a New Adventure!
Doors are magic in themselves,
so I wanted to decorate mine with what I wanted to bring in.
Open the door to love, baby!

What cool DIY projects do you have going?
Have you tried the chalkboard paint, share your pics in the comments!
AND if you love this post and want to see more style posts
please share it!

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