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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  Operation Bombshell: How To Do Glitter Lips!

evidence of Bunny's knee
Me backstage in Belgium with my glittery lips!
The biggest question I get on the road is how I get the glitter to stay on my lips and how I get them so glittery. Trust me, I’ve tried a million products and I’ve never found a glitter lipstick that works. So here’s the secret…..
1. I like to use a deep red lip liner (think: vamp!). I line my lips and then fill them in completely with the pencil so it almost looks like you are already wearing lipstick.
2. Then comes the lip gloss! My favorite lip gloss in the world is “Red Sole” from Purple Lab’s Huge Lips Skinny Hips. It’s the ideal consistency to keep the glitter on – not tacky or smeary – just smooth and shiny. And the plumping factor is va-va-VOOM! Apply this all over your lips and let it set for a few moments. I first got my hands on this when fashionista Karen Robinvitz invited me to be a part of the promo for it. I took three tubes on tour with me and I’m addicted to it! Karen knows what the hell she’s doing when it comes to lip gloss and I worship her. One of my beauty must-haves hands down! I’ve been stealing these from her left and right, but now that they are available online, I’m going to have to own up and buy my own! Thank you, Karen, for putting something fabulous out there that works so well!
3. Then to finish it off, I apply a fine red glitter (I find it picks up the light best and stays longer, but you can also use chunky glitter). I normally take the red glitter, pour it in the cap and dab it on my lips with a q-tip. Dab several times until your entire lips are covered with glitter.
I love this look – pin-up and glam combined! Enjoy for saucy Summer nights out.
Oh…and save a kiss for me!