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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  Opening Night in Amsterdam

My solo burlesque fan dance during the EA show – opening night, March 20th in Amsterdam….

The video was shot by VKA Private Tease-a-Lot Diotriese, who was in fact, the first picked for the Rat Game on this tour! And yes, there is video of that, too, which you can view on the VKA site. Poison kisses all around….
Amsterdam has been absolutely enchanting. There is no other way to describe it here. Last night, Captain Maggot and I wandered all over the city, along the canals and the winding cobblestone streets. At times, we were the only ones in sight and the city seemed like it was ours. The stars were out, the old-fashioned street lamps were reflected in ripples of water in the canals and adventures were afoot.
The people here are quite sweet, there is a lot of culture and art and people riding around on their bikes everywhere. It’s been a purrrrr-fect place to spend a couple of days with EA and my Crumpet sisters. It was my first time in this city and I will never forget what a wonderful experience it was! Thank you all, darling Muffins, for coming out in droves, for waiting outside the venue for hours and making us feel so very welcome. Look out, Munich…we’re headed your way tomorrow…..
The plague is spreading.