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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  On the Road: Hitchhikers, Crashing on Floors, Utah and BEXICO!

The Wild Road is laid out before me.
I follow her onward…
and she leads to BEXICO!!!

Yep. You heard me right, Bexico.
These weary travelers hit the oasis that is Bex and Nicholas, fellow travelers and wild hearted adventurers, who opened their home to us.
They fed us delicious plump peaches, fine tea, Godiva chocolates and let us use their shower and crash on their floor.
They also give the best hugs.
While Burke and Nicholas mapped out possible locations for us to scout out using Google Earth –
Bex, who is a fitness and kickass health goddess guru, shared some awesome tips to keep my body feeling good when I’m behind the wheel for long periods of time and she suggested this. Wanted to share with you guys – because it helped me alot!

Go “like” LOVE her over here – because she is a badass and will make your life even better.

With a magic map of possibilities before us,
we hit the road once again.
Two hippie guys were on the side of the road around a mountain bend, hitchhiking.
So many strangers and travelers have been kind to us…
it was our turn to help others on their adventure.
I squealed the van to the side and yelled, “GET IN!”
Meet Sean and Jake.
They’ve been traveling for the last 5 years.
They hitchhike, they volunteer at festivals, they make jewelry and trade it.
I’m not going to lie…I am in awe of their whole lifestyle.
It’s inspiring to me.
We drove them to a festival and within moments of pulling up – they already snagged two volunteer spots and free tickets.
Jake gifted me an amethyst stone he found in his travels and a copper wire ring he made to thank me for the ride.

We continued on to the land where rocks get to be Kings and Queens.
They hold court above us.
I look up in awe.
Time to change the heels into the stolen bowling shoes to hike!
Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.52.00 AM

By sunset, the Utah sign was in view. I danced in the glow of the colors at the end of the day.
I leave you with the words that Sean gave to me as he hugged me goodbye:
“May you travel as long as you want,
and not want as long as you travel.”

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