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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  On Ferguson: Why YOU Make a Difference.

Yesterday when the Ferguson verdict was announced
and a Grand Jury did not indict Darren Wilson
for fatally shooting unarmed man, Mike Brown, 6 times –
I felt powerless. Hopeless. And outraged.
There is nothing we can do to bring Mike Brown back…
there is nothing we can do to change the actions in the past…
but as a world community
we need to speak up and correct this so it never happens again.

How can we do that?
How can we be heard and make a difference
in a peaceful way
when the basic instinct to physically fight is so strong?

The moment that I saw that protests were happening in New York City,
my gut feeling was that I needed to go
and then my second thought was – a single person isn’t going to make a difference.

But then I thought..
“What if the 27 million people of New York City
all walked out of their apartments right now
and stood in the streets together
in peaceful protest?”

Imagine that for a moment.

I knew THAT would make a difference.

I envisioned it clearly in my mind…
all of us standing together in solidarity.
AND even if that wasn’t what was going to happen,
even if 27 million people didn’t walk out and stand on the streets together,
I knew that I needed to keep moving in the steps of what I hope our world can be.

So I grabbed my coat and went out last night in search of the protests
in Union Square, then at Brooklyn Bridge, then at Times Square
just to be counted….
to be one more person
one more body in a crowd
one more number
that was saying
“No More.”

We speak volumes in numbers
have no doubt.
Things are not working in our country.
This violence is unacceptable.
We need to stand up and make a change
things like this will be the end to us all.


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