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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  My Ultimate Dream of My Life

View this.
By the time the 2 minutes and 57 seconds are up, you will know my heart.

Revolver is a project that Burke and I wrote together and shot the trailer for to give people an idea of what we could do, what the movie would be like and to allow the viewer to actually step into our world.
Sometimes it’s scary to put things out there that you love so much, that you put your whole heart into – but here it is. Dear Reader, whoever you are reading these words, if I had one thing in my lifetime that I could do, this would be it. This is the ultimate dream of my lifetime.
It’s been a long process, it takes awhile for things to take shape and sail on their own. But I have a really good deep down inside feeling about this year. I don’t want to mess around and waste time. I want this to happen. Now.
I always share my heart with you when I write here. You know me. I give you the good and the bad. I want to tell you something….it’s important to me that you know it (even if I don’t know you and we’ll never meet, and you never comment, but just read – I want you to read these words and know this)….
My Intention for the Year:
I want Revolver to be fully financed by December 2008 to be shot in Spring of 2009.
And not only that, I want it to be fully financed by people who truly believe in it. I want teammates. I want a circle of solid kickass people to get together and do this thing together and make history. Where are you? I know you’re out there. I know it’s only a matter of time before you read these words. I’m putting the call out.
My future partners and faithful crew….Are you ready for the adventure of your lifetime? I have never in my life been more ready. And there is a reason for everything….and a reason that this is the year. Because I know you’re ready, too.
Everything happens in the right time. And our time is now.
Let’s go.
Now….tell me your intention for the year. Email me. Just say it in a sentence. It can be big or little, but share something of your heart. It’s scary and it’s liberating. You never know, maybe someone will read it that can help you, or maybe I can help you, or maybe we can help each other.
Screw going at it alone. The adventure was made for others to join in and help build it – help add their special talents and contributions that wouldn’t have been there otherwise. I believe in community and I believe in supporting each other.
Okay, now it’s your turn. Tell me your dream for this year. Tell me something that you want to get out there to the world.
I’m listening.