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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  My Roadtrip Girl and My Dental Party

To the girl who one day after a very long road trip (we got lost about 20 times), after reaching our destination, she grabbed my hand, dragged me under a streetlamp at the side of the road and promptly smeared her spit under my eye to fix my eyeliner. A group of older people looked on horrified as she exclaimed, “There. Perfect!”
Happy Birthday Miss Anna! Wishing you a ton of road trips that take you to fabulous destinations and the fascinating and fun rides to get there.
And to everyone else…I apologize for not being that great about phone calls and emails lately…I spent a rousing afternoon with my dentist friends yesterday…
These kick ass women did the most amazing job during my insane oral surgery yesterday. It was pretty surreal…the best part was at the end when Dr. Tahawi (the woman in the middle of the pic) was stitching up my gums. I couldn’t feel anything inside my mouth because it was all numbed, but I could feel the thread drag lightly against my cheek as she sewed. I looked up at her as she hummed to the elevator music in the operating room and sweetly wove the needle in and out, sewing me back together.
It was well….sweet.
And you can’t even see my stitches. I can even give a huge Marilyn Monroe grin and I dare you to even find them.
However…at the moment…I’m talking funny. And I’ve got chipmunk cheeks.
And I’ve got stitches in my gums.
How hot is that?
With this and with my earlier rottwelier attacking me in the face incident (click here for that story)…I’m kind of feeling like some sort of experimental doll. I’ve logged in eight hours alone this year of being stitched back together in my face. Punk rock.
I’m now going to cuddle in bed with my Viacodin.