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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  My Favorite Cool and CHEAP Things To Do This Summer (no matter where in the world you find yourself!)
Photo by Najva Sol

Photo by Najva Sol

Warm Days and Hot Nights of Summer…..YES, PLEASE.

I’ve got a weird and wild life.
As a performer for a living – some months I’m like –

“HEY! Road trip adventure! I’m buying – hop in!”

and then there’s those other months where I’m like –

“Man, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are awesome for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

I live for Summer because the days are long, warm and there’s lots of adventure to be had on the cheap.

In the past, I’ve looked up lists of free, fun things to do for Summer and have found things like:
Cut your own hair! (For fun? I tend to do this when I’m feeling reckless and depressed but that’s just me).
Take a Nap! (For fun? I laughed outloud at this one….you don’t have $ to do stuff, so just SLEEP!)
Make a Will! (wha? For fun? I’m not even making this up. All these suggestions were on 1 list I found).

Well, eff those lists.
Come over here and I’ll get you in some proper trouble this Summer with some kickass ideas.
Adventure Tip #1: Uncover Secrets and Explore

If it’s one thing I lust for all the time….it’s ADVENTURE. Dig for secrets, explore wild abandoned places, check out that creepy ghost town, and uncover little known treasures in your area – just put in your zip code and you are set on the path of hot discovery at Atlas Obscura .

You can also track your adventures, add secret or interesting places you know about and get tips and secrets from other explorers. If this site were a person, I’d marry it.

Adventure Tip #2: Score Sold Out Festival Tickets

I wanted to see Jack White in concert but panicked over the $280 tickets to Governor’s Ball.

So I got my Hustlin’ Cap on…almost every single major festival across the globe has volunteer positions – where you can trade work for tickets. Just go to the website of the festival and check for “Volunteer Opportunities”.

So all weekend long – I’m going to be having a blast at this SOLD OUT festival, in exchange for some easy volunteer work after the festival’s over.
That’s some serious win-win.

I’m getting to see this hot action for free on Saturday night:

Adventure Tip #3: Wild Worldwide Scavenger Hunt? Hell Yes.

A few months ago, someone here at Danger Diary turned me onto the world of Geocaching.

Basically, you plug in your location and get clues for hidden treasures in your area. It’s a GPS tracking system that will lead you to the secret spot.

I’ve geocached from the swamps in Florida to the hidden spots in posts of street signs in Brooklyn!

Bring a small treasure with you to leave behind for future explorers in exchange for a treasure inside the geocache. It’s addictive.


Adventure Tip #4:  Happy Un-Birthday Party in the Park!

Have a Sunshine Soiree and make an awesome Birthday Party for everyone you know in one day.

Here’s how:
♥  Make a cool theme (Tea Party, Great Gatsby party, Circus/Carnival/Fortune Telling Party, Pirate/Mermaid Party, 1980s Prom Party, Crazy Hat Party)

♥  Post on Facebook/Twitter/any Social Media and invite EVERYONE.

♥  Ask each “guest” to bring a snack to share and a gift (a new thing or something of theirs that is cool and they will part with) – make a blanket for the gifts and let people pick which ones they want – donate the rest to charity.

♥ Get everyone in the park (whether you know them or not) to hold hands in a circle and someone screams “Run to the Right! Run to the Left! Everybody in the MIDDLE!!!!” It sounds stupid when I write it – but it’s probably one of the most awesome things I do every year in these parties in the park.

♥ Make a “Free Hugs” sign and bring other people into your party!

Now THIS is a party in the park!  Photo by Kristi Klein

Now THIS is a party in the park!       Photo by Kristi Klein

Adventure Tip #5: Go To Camp – FOR FREE!

I know there’s a lot of creatives and writers who read Danger Diary – so this is for you!

Camp NaNoWriMo is killin’ it in the virtual camp experience department!  Get that novel you’ve been talking about finished in 30 days alongside fellow campers.  Get your “cabin assignment”, have a chance to meet up at local coffee hangouts with fellow writers and kick ass in the writing world together.

As of today, it’s 14 days until cabin assignment and 26 days til writing begins.

You in?
We could get into some serious trouble together.

Do you have wild ideas for Summer?
What cool free things do you like to do that you wanna share with us?

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