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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  My Best Friend…

This is my little friend Greta Garbo. Eight and 1/2 years ago on the fourth of July, an insane woman was beating her up outside of a grocery store. The woman discarded her in a shopping cart with this poor little girl’s paw stuck in one of the metal grids… Lots of people saw it. I ran over and took the tiny black dog out of the cart and ran as fast as I could to my car and we never looked back.
At the time, I was volunteering at the library on Mondays reading stories to kids and I worked with a lot of people in their 60s and 70s. I figured that I would take her picture in to the library and get her a good home with someone that would love her. Well…the little tiny black thing nuzzled her way into my heart…she followed me everywhere…always at my heels. We started out with a Thelma and Louise kind of relationship…I saved her, she saved me and we’re sticking together through this crazy life until one of us decides to drive our car off the canyon.
Thankfully we don’t own a car. 😉
The little Gret loves to wander around the house sleeping in sun balls. She loves cuddling next to me. Her ears sometimes stick straight out which has earned her the nickname Yoda in my neighborhood. She always runs to say hello to me when I come in the house (okay..not all the time…sometimes she gets lazy in her old age and just waggles on the couch). She loves to curl up in a blankie at my feet when I’m on this computer constantly 🙂 She likes my oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Even though she’s not supposed to have chocolate because it gives doggies heartattacks or something. But I just give her a little and tell her not to tell anyone I did.
I thought I’d share this cute little picture I took of her running around in the snow this morning. We had a blast.
I’m just feeling super thankful this morning…and her picture made me laugh when I saw it! Because truth be told…I chased after her to get the damn picture and she just kept running away from me playing. And finally I got her to come over and she was like “are you joking? you called me over for this? did you not just see me playing?” Then she went back to bounding through the snow like a bunny.
The best lil old girl in the world…my Danger Doggie!
PS…Miss Garbo will be vacationing with me in sunshiny Florida for Christmas. So look forward to the post of us on the beach drinking margaritas with umbrellas sticking out of the glasses 🙂