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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  Miss Yvonne Danger + Important Voting!

I’ve known Yvonne for about a year now…and all I can say, is I know she’s strong, beautiful, and dedicated as hell to the things she loves. This girl’s got FIGHT! She’s wearing the sassy China Girl Keyhole Top and there’s only two left – one small, one large…so get ’em while they are HOT (as shown by our darling Miss Yvonne.)
I’m proud to have her as a Danger Girl…so without further ado…introducing Miss Yvonne Danger from Germany….
“I’m from Germany, where I lived my whole life, except for 15 more or less exciting months I spent in New Zealand which is a very beautiful place. You can find all sorts of landscapes there on only two islands. The town i live in here in Germany is kinda small and I often draw attention on me, with my pink hair and my “unusual” clothing.
I like being creative in all sorts of ways. I mostly like pretty clothes, especially by Lip Service. I also love Pinups and the whole rockabilly-/rock and roll-scene. I would love being a pinup but I’m too much of a punkrock
girl (always have been, always will be, I guess) to be so glamorous and pretty. I really like mixing glamour with punk-ish styles though. I’m probably tough on the outside and cute with a twist on the inside. 😉
I also haven’t done any modelling yet, unlike many other danger girls. There were only a couple of sessions for my own use but I would love model if I
got the opportunity. My biggest dream is being a model in a Lip Service catalogue. 😉 Hey, wonderful dreams keep you alive!!”
Yvonne Danger, it’s a dream to have you here!
And speaking of dreams coming true…a friend of mine in NYC, a talented and kick-ass girl – is in a major contest with her band…her name is Xenia and her band is Sky Salt. PLEASE vote for them here.
Today is the LAST day to vote. She is a really cool person and driven and amazing and talented. And seeing people reach their dreams is the best thing in the world. So pretty please with sugar on top, vote for them.
Have a wonderful weekend….