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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  Miss Sacha Danger

Introducing a purrrrrrfect Danger Dame for one of my favorite weeks, Halloween!…the lovely Miss Sacha Danger!
Sacha is an international spy and one of the original Danger Dames. She makes some of the best mix cds in the world and she’s sexy as hell. She likes to torture me for fun by sending the most amazing clothing ads ripped from the pages of vintage 1940s and 50s magazines. We enjoy drooling over those in equal amounts.
When I met her, she was working in one of the best vintage shops in Chicago, dressing her vixen best every day. She just made LA waaaay better by moving there. She is a vamp and I love her. She is rocking the Clockwork Cabaret Punk Rock Jacket like only she can. You better get your mitts on this jacket and FAST…it’s a Danger exclusive and when this run is gone -they are gone.
Sacha, my darling spy, I adore you. Your mission is to get to New York City as soon as possible to slink across the city’s rooftops with me, and revel in the glamour and dirt of it all, as we move one step closer to world domination.
This city belongs to us.