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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  Miette, my Little Deer

♥ I have a new little baby girl!!!!!
Introducing….. ♥ Miette ♥
Around my birthday, every year, wonderful things happen. This year, the wonderful thing that happened was this little girl walked into my life.
I went to dinner with my friend, Jenna, who told me that her friend, Monet, had just rescued a small dog that she was desperately searching for a home for. Jenna said that the dog looked very similiar to my little Gret and wanted to know if I wanted to have a look. Sure, why not, I thought. And then she said, “I promise you if you see her, you’ll want to keep her.”
She was right. The second I held the little scared dog in my arms, I loved her. She had been found under a Con Ed metal box living on the streets of the South Bronx. She was abused, pregnant, and in bad shape. It took the rescuers almost an hour to capture her, because she was so afraid of people. She was rescued by Monet, an amazing woman with one of the biggest hearts in the world, who took the little dog in and searched for a home for her.
The little dog was so small and timid…and everybody knows what a sucker I am for hardluck stories. I always root for the underdog. And this poor little creature has had her share of bad luck. But that’s all gonna change.. from here on out, my Little Girl, your life is going to be glitter and gold.
I know my little Gret sent her my way.
I decided to name her Miette after the tough little orphan girl in City of Lost Children. And I realized it rhymes with the Gret, who is now a guardian angel to us both.
Over the two weeks I’ve had her, she has gotten so much confidence and her true, playful personality is coming out. She doesn’t leave my side, and is such an amazingly loyal friend. I am so thankful for her…
It’s all been completely unexpected.
But you know what they say, “You don’t find them…they find you….”
Thank you for finding me, Little One, right when I needed you.
Welcome Home, Miette.