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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  Magic Dreams

I might be part owl….me behind the shadow screen at the start of the show. Picture taken by Rikka <3! On the long drive from Berlin, Germany to Warsaw, Poland on rough backroads made of cobblestones and dirt, I ventured into a land of dreams. Perhaps it was brought on by the beautiful magic presents that some wonderful fans gave me that I was snuggling next to - some faerie potions, a few crystal points, and a deck of exotic tarot from Norway.... In my dream, Contessa and I were dressed as gypsies. We wore patchwork dresses of many different kinds of lace and ribbon. We wore heavy silver necklaces made of beads and bells. We both had multi-colored hair with dreadlocks and we were on a quest to go to all the magic places in the world. We were traveling all over and at one point found ourselves in the Hollywood Hills. We were watching the stars and all the lights over the hills, when Contessa told me that we needed to go speak to a man that she had met before who lived in a cave. I went in and met a man whose face was half man/ half owl. It was split right in half. He put his right hand on the left side of my face and I thought that quite possibly the left side of my face might turn owl. He said that everything in my life was going exactly according to plan and that I was starting into the blooming.... He was kind and wise. I asked him how the right hand side of his face became owl. He said that his gypsy mother used to kiss him on his right cheek every night when he went to bed, and one day, that side of his face just became half owl. What happens when I keep kissing you?