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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  L.A. Part II Finally

LA decides to let us live afterall….
We made it into LA and then found ourselves going down a nice little road at 2am where people were hanging out in the middle of the street and approaching our car. It was kind of like a bad movie.
No. It WAS a bad movie. And it was the part where someone dies soon. Most likely the two chicks lost in the car. On Cynthia’s advice, I did an illegal U-turn and got the hell out of dodge. We then went to the first random motel of the night, to which the night clerk asked us if we would like one bed or two giving us a really sketchy eyebrow raise. I could tell he was really hoping we’d say one and that he could send us off to the room with the hidden camera in it.
Motel number two was a motel I’ve stayed in before and loved, but this time there was no parking available except for one spot that had a neon sign above it that said, “hey, we’re tourists, please steal this car.”
Motel number three had no heat, the phone was ripped out of the wall, and there were visible stains on all of the furniture. But at 3am, it felt like home sweet home.
We might be in the gutter…but we’re looking up at the stars….
The most beautiful daddylonglegs in the shower with me (I made sure no water got on him).
We spent a whirlwind of three days doing photoshoots and running around. I had originally envisioned our trip being this strolling around Hollywood, taking in the sites, going out all night and then doing photoshoots. Yeah. I must have been delirious. I don’t know how I thought that was gonna happen (although I did get a lot of sightseeing done on the LA freeways where I spent most of my trip). I felt really lucky to work with the photographers I did. The best part for me was talking to all of them while setting up and hearing their fun experiences. It’s really important for me to feel safe and connected to the people I’m shooting with and all three of them were amazing! I got a chance to work with photographers David Perry, Danielle Bedics and Jim Groves.
I’ll be posting pics from them here on my journal over the next couple days…
But first, the picture I took of photographer, Jim Groves and I on the Sunset Strip.
The picture he took of me. (That’s why he’s the photographer.)
Jim was really cool and didn’t wanna kill me when I did silly things like jump out of my seat and throw my arm out the window (in front of his face while he drove) screaming, “the Hollywood sign! whoo hoo! We’re FAaaaaaaa-mous!”
I loved Hollywood. The only regret I have is that Cynthia and I didn’t throw the tv through the motel window like we were rockstars and that we weren’t hauled off out of the motel in handcuffs screaming, “What bank? You got the wrong dolls, you lousy coppers!”, but hey, maybe next time.
And then I came home to this…
Two things to know for certain if you give me a shot of tequila:
1. I will spend the rest of the night taking pictures of me kissing your cheek.
2. I will get out a pen and start writing on you.
It’s good to be back, New York City!
♥ ♥ ♥