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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  Kisses Around the World: Project Blood Donation

Inspired by the VKA and the Kisses Around the World – Project: Blood Donation – I decided it was once again time for me to take the needle at the Red Cross. In the picture, I’m wearing my VKA garrison style military cap that someone made me. I’m closing my eyes imaging a good pinch of the adventure, good luck, and love I’ve had move with my blood into the bag, so that the person that receives my blood will get a super pick-me-up (and might also have an intense unexplainable urge to wear false lashes and red glitter lipstick).
My author friend, Lisa Beebe, contacted me this week and let me know that Pay it Forward Day, a day to volunteer and help others is happening this year on April 29th, which is also my BIRTHDAY!!!!
So, I am throwing a contest extravaganza over at Veronica’s Kissing Army headquarters called Veronica’s Birthday Vampy Volunteers Contest!
Wanna get a personalized poster from me, stickers and a special hand written love note? All you gotta do is go out there and make the world a better place by volunteering (helping out at animal shelters, donating blood, helping at a women’s shelter, your local library, or a senior citizens home, taking part in a community clean-up, donating your things to a charity store, the list goes on and on!) then blog about it under the Contest Section of the VKA forum before May 1st. Remember, I want to see pictures of your beautiful faces in action! I will pick five winners at random.
Prove to me how hard core you are! Make this world more gorgeous by YOU being in it.
All my love and my red red blood for you, my gorgeous soldiers….. VeVa