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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  Kiss My Pretty Scars

Okay, so I’m finally ready to talk about it. I’ve shared my cupcakes with you, I might as well share my scars. Bring on the gory details!
For those of you who don’t know…on December 28th I was attacked by a big angry rottweiler while I was volunteering at a local animal shelter. He grabbed me with his teeth from the right side of my nose to my left eye and pulled until he ripped off the right side of my nose and under my nostrils. His teeth gashed an angry circle on my bottom eyelid and corner of my eye. Thankfully he had the good sense not to scar me on the same side as my beauty mark, otherwise I would have really been pissed.
This picture was taken in early March 2004, two months after the attack. I didn’t want to post photos earlier than this, because uh, well, it really really isn’t pretty. You can see the gashes under my eye. The surgeon said if the dog came a fraction of a hair closer to my eye, I might have lost it. I’m a lucky lucky girl (well, lucky for your average girl who gets attacked in the face by a rottweiler.)
And you can also see the slash at the bottom of my nostril on the left. There was a piece missing. It was severed entirely. The guy had to pull it back together and sew it. I was the the trauma unit for seven action packed, fun-filled hours, so they could put me back together. While I stared at the ceiling in shock. (And I didn’t cry once, cause I’m one tough bitch!) And there is a perfect “V” scar holding my nostrils together underneath. At the time you could pull the tip of my nose away from my face.
Sexy, right? How much more do you love me now? **wink**
After about two months of that happening, my sweetie of a Mom called and encouraged me to keep doing my ebay selling (…sorry, Girls, never Danger Dame dresses, other random stuff). It just so happened that that week while thrifting for ebay, I ran across a ton of punk rock things which seemed to compliment the scars nicely.
Angry with facial scars. Does it get any better?
I just ran across these pictures from that time and figured I’d post them. I’ve gotten better over time and you can hardly notice them – unless you really know where to look.
And now you do. Lucky you.