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Veronica Varlow
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I am writing from a hotel in Holland at 4:30am lying beside Contessa and a very tempting opened wrapper of orange chocolate. It is here, on a night off from performing, in the quiet of the wee morning hours, that I want to say hello to you and whisper tales of adventure into your ear.
I will not lie to you. There have been days that we have had internet access backstage that I have turned my back on Charlotte (my trusty Mac) and left her in her case ignored all day as I have roamed down streets in foreign countries I’ve never been to before and penned in my journal in cafes instead.
I am bursting with so many stories, so many adventures, so many days fully fully lived. I am beside myself with love for all of you that have come out to the shows and waited hours in cold and snow and wind and sleet. On my 3rd year of touring with Em – there are so many of you that have become my family away from home – and seeing you in the audience makes my heart spill over with goodness.
A brief list of things to report from the road:
1. The VKA is in FULL FORCE. Banners galore in the front rows, signs and flags waving, and now apparently pins are being made and distributed amongst the ranks. What have I done to deserve you guys? You are the hard core of the hard core.
2. I have not trashed a hotel room yet. Good for my wallet. Bad for any kind of rock and roll reputation. (EDIT: Moments after writing this I accidentally spilled orange juice all over hotel carpet. Time to throw TV out the window and just get it over with.)
3. I have not played “Hot Lava” this much since I was about 6. When we are in our socks on the tour bus, we don’t walk the aisles (which is the hot lava of course and can kill in an instant), but we edge along the lip along where the cabinets begin. We do this while yelling, “Hot Lava! Hot Lava!” We do this every day and it never gets old (I will post pictures later).
4. I bought my first French dress. Contessa picked it out for me, there was only one of its kind and it fit perfect. Wasn’t going to buy anything….but you try saying no to a saleswoman cooing at you in a French accent.
5. Had audience members in Italy yell “Brava!” and “Bella, Bella!” during my fan dance. It was a moment I will remember for the rest of my life, and so gorgeously romantic.
6. Had my first Italian cappuccino and followed it by four more. Once my hands started shaking I decided maybe I should stop.
7. Had a spy adventure on an off-day in gorgeous Strasbourg, France.
8. Was accosted by 10 women in pink furry bunny suits during Festival in Munich, Germany…..and I liked it.
9. Wrote a song with Emilie and Contessa in the wee hours of the back lounge of the bus that will almost certainly never be heard by anyone else, but made us laugh for hours.
10. Was moved to tears by the beautiful photo poem my husband sent me on Valentine’s Day.
11. Rocked Nottingham and felt all Robin Hood.
12. Got lost in the beauty of narrow cobblestone streets in the snow in Stockholm, Sweden with Aprella and Contesa.
13. Ran out a mere hour before showtime to see the Berlin Wall and snag a German pretzel.
14. Threw off my boots to dive into a gigantic bouncing room (made for kids, but good enough for me!) in one of the hotels we stayed at.
15. Realized that simple sign language learned from years of playing charades substitutes nicely for traveling in countries where you don’t know the language. As long as it is done with a smile, it definitely brings smiles to others, too! This technique even got us free desert in both Italy and Germany. Hell yes.
16. Rat Gamed with girls from Italy, Luxembourg, and Switzerland for the first time. Ratty, ratty, ratty…..
This week’s adventures include Eindhoven, Bochum, and Paris – Ooh la la! Stay tuned.
Hope you are making this day an adventure no matter where you are!