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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  I’m Not Dead Yet

I’ve wanted to write here a zillion times, but life keeps happening and it’s been quite an adventure. I do plan to divulge all the sordid details with you….but first, my morning.
– Woke up with glitter on my pillow from last night’s Kitty Nights perfomance.
– Immediately realize I am 8 minutes late from moving my car from parking spot.
– Go downstairs, see ticket on my windshield (bastards! 8 minutes! Damn!).
– Realize they wrote my license plate down wrong, so therefore, it is not my ticket.
– Rip said ticket up. Feel victorious over NYC parking violation nazis.
– Stand there for a moment feeling as if my entire week has been made over not having to pay $80.
– Realize what a beautiful day it really is.
– Get into illegal parked car and drive to meet Phibes for coffee.
– Order cappuccino.
– Guy in front of me overhears this. He just got a “get a free cappuccino card”.
– Guy in front of me proceeds to hand over free card to me. Sweet!
– Take cappuccino over to my table. Realize that there is a heart with wings in the steam. (picture above).
– Have utterly inspiring talk with Phibes about burlesque, travel, and general world domination.
– On the way back to my apartment, construction forces me to take a detour past the house I covet. A 2-story pink (yes. pink.) turn of the century carriage house with a front yard. A front yard with a picket fence. I kid you not. I didn’t realize that happened in New York.
– Wipe drool from my mouth from staring at said 2-story pink turn of the century carriage house with yard.
With the sweet abundance that’s already hit this morning, I figure – hey. I could own that house. The owner could walk out momentarily and tell me that she’s planning on running away with the circus and I look like the kind of girl who would like to live in a pink house.
It’s amazing what getting out of a ticket and a free cappuccino will do to a girl before noon hits.
Hope you’re having a lucky day, too.