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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  How To Work Full Moon Magic

veronica-varlow-naked.jpgLast night in New York City,
while lightning streaked across the sky
and the rain sanctified the streets –
I slept naked with three roses
nestled between my breasts.

It was my beckoning to Her.
She who raises the dance in my body for burlesque,
She who stirs and stokes the fire in the center of me,
She who leaves the love letters to my imagination,
She who gives me signs on the streets of the city,
She who leaves a breadcrumb trail to the ecstasy.

I have doing the work preparing, brainstorming, and writing for both The Underground and also for The Temple of Sensuality in Brooklyn.

And my darlings, this is what this Full Moon in Sagittarius is all about…..

Are you ready to get to the point?
Are you ready to go deep and get down to it?
Are you ready to seek and speak your truth and the truest part of you?

The tarot is a lover of mine
and because my well-worn cards often find themselves under my pillow as I sleep
as they are wrapped in the time honeyed lace that was once my grandmother’s…
I always do Full Moon Magic with my cards.

This Sagittarius Moon is similar in energy to the Hermit card….
It is that moment when you look inside for the truth and your own answers,
it is that time for introspection
and then it is time for your to rise
and shine that inner light and knowing
and discovery
to the world.

The Full Moon meets us tomorrow, Tuesday June 2nd.
How can you harness this full wild power of the moon to push you forward?

Easy! Let me show you….

On the nights that hold court to the Full Moon,
I moon bathe.

What is this?

Well, quite simply…
it is letting those ghostly lunar rays soak onto your skin…
on Tuesday night,
I will be on my rooftop in Brooklyn
my head tilted towards the sky
and during those moments….
even if I have only five minutes or ten minutes,
I will close my eyes and imagine the power of the
full moon seeping into my skin.

I imagine walking in the power of all that I can be.
All that I am.

It is my monthly practice to ground me and to also make me reach for the stars (or the moon so to speak!)

Who could you be if you walked in the power of all that you are?
Imagine Him/Her and bring that in.

It is most definitely a “bath” because afterwards you will feel as if the Moon herself just took a washcloth dipped in a sea of stars and touched your wild heart with it.

Are you ready to “glow” like the Moon?
To attract all that you desire?
Moon Bath, my darlings.

I’ll be back on Wednesday with your Tarot Horoscopes…
I suspect they shall be juicy.

If you like these kind of posts from me,
please tell me by sharing them…
it encourages the fire in me.

Now I’m getting to those cards to read for you on Wednesday.
See you then Lunatics.

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