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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You

Hello, Fiery Lovers!
Welcome back to my 3 part Friday sexy series of “How To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You.”
If you missed last week’s – start here!

And before I dive into this week’s tips  -for those of you craving some seduction/sensuality sass and confidence….

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So how….my darlings… you make anyone fall in love with you?

Today our focus is on:

Being Willing To Share An Experience Right Away

Think about this:
Most dates or hang-outs with new friends are probably “passive” dates.

These are get-togethers that revolve around something the two of you are passively watching and not actually taking part in.

I’m talking about dates or hang-outs like going to the movies, going to see a play, going to see a concert, going to see a game, renting a movie together, watching the Academy Awards together.

These are no, no and no – if you really want to make someone fall for you.

Making a date ACTIVE is the ultimate secret to connection….

 whether the active is mental (having a deep connected conversation, going to a museum to see art together and discuss)

 or physical (going on a walk/hike, taking a pottery class together, going out dancing).

The brain retains ACTIVE memories, and has a harder time recalling inactive memories.

Question….which one do you think you’ll remember better?

You and me going on a date to see 50 Shades of Gray and passively watching someone else’s fantasy?


You and me driving all over New York City, having great conversation and seeing the lights of the city, hanging out at the Slipper Room until dawn, and then hurling ourselves into a gutter together?


Three months from now, which do you think you’ll remember more?

And even if you’re not the type of person who’s into chilling with a wild girl who enjoys the gutter and regularly references the Slipper Room as her version of the perfect afterlife,
I fucking guarantee you….you would never forget one of these wild NYC nights out.
And I don’t know about you but I’d rather have someone say….”That girl was CRAZY,” rather than “Oh, what girl? Oh, the dark haired one? Right…yeah, I forgot her name, I think we went to go see some shitty movie together.”

FACT:  Most of us are hooked to a computer or our cell phones for the majority of our days.
Eye contact and actually listening and being heard can be serious drugs.

Going on a date gives you a chance to take the person on an “active” adventure or experience.

The easiest way to a person’s heart is to use the time you have together to “take them away” from their everyday world.

I’m talking about bringing someone to the top of the Empire State Building (or your equivalent) and experience being above the city lights, looking into each other’s eyes and talking.

I’m talking about texting them to meet you at a spot in the park and arriving with an awesome picnic, some candles and a blanket.

I’m talking about going on a walk together or on a drive together exploring new things with no real destination (mini road trips are my favorite way to bond).

I’m talking about taking them to a cool museum, where you can both look at different pieces of art and interact with each other.

I’m talking about dancing your asses off, looking into each other’s eyes and feeling comfortable with each other.

Tell me….what memorable dates have you been on, Danger Darlings?
And you wanna know the key to my heart?
……SHARING this post with your friends!
I’m writing hard over here for your love and affection. xo
Hope to see you in class!
And yes, you can bring me a shiny apple.

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