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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  How To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You.

“It’s like finding the wi-fi in your soul,” he said.

“Yeah. Yeah. Something like that.”

I was renting a truck and we were talking about this post that I’m writing to you right now:

What makes us fall in love with each other?

How do we open up that “wi-fi to our souls” and find connection with others?

For the next 3 Fridays here on Danger Diary,
I’ll be exploring the secrets behind making anyone fall in love with you.
I figured it’s good knowledge to have tucked away for your wild weekends…
and I’m gearing up to teach Sensuality and Allure, both in-person in NYC and online all over the world in the next few weeks –
(which you should totally come to…because I’d love it)
… so it’s ON MY MIND.

It’s on my mind all the time.

So I write this post looking at what other people have done to make them seem irresistible to me.
What things have made me pursue friendships and love relationships in my life?

I spoke to other people about this –
people that just crossed my path in a random day….

What makes you fall in love with other people?

In the next three Fridays, I’ll reveal the three things I uncovered across the board in my findings…

The First Rule To Get ANYONE To Fall In Love With You:

Fantasy Connections

What do I mean by that?

Okay. No matter who you are…
You, at one point in your lifetime,
have gotten completely swoon-ish
over a musician, an actor, or a writer that you don’t know in real life.

Am I right?

In every single person that I’ve spoken with,
male and female,
every single one of them recalled an absolute “head over heels” lust/love
for one of these versions of artists.

Sid Vicious was mine.
And he was already dead.
So he couldn’t break my heart any more.

The reason WHY we ALL have some kind of first crush/first love on these types of people, is because no matter who we are, we all have some kind of fantasy of being them.

Imagine your first super crush on someone who didn’t know (like a celebrity) –
I ask you this…
wouldn’t you want to do what they are doing or have the lifestyle that they have?

Part of that “love” charge is seeing a deep-seeded fantasy that you have for yourself come alive through someone else.

THAT is one of the major reasons that we fall in love with each other –
that on some level,
the person of your affections,
is doing something that in some way YOU want to do,
or has a lifestyle you’ve fantasized about.

In fact, every single one of my closest friends that I capital L. O. V. E.
is doing something that my fantasy self would want to do (if I could live a billion lifetimes at once).

They inspire me, fascinate me, intrigue me and make me fall in love.

Want to be someone that people can’t RESIST?

What is your personal fantasy?
What are you pushing forward in your life?

One trick I learned is the answer to that dreaded “What do you do?” question.
When I was temping – and my job was okay, but not my life goal or what defined me,
I would answer with things I was working on…

like… “Well, I just started doing burlesque recently and I’m really excited about that.”

In conversation, mention the things that you are working on, stuff that makes you feel passionate or alive.

Focus on these things rather than the really boring “work sucks” or the “weather sucks” conversations, because well,
they suck.

If you want people to fall in love with you,
you need to focus your own life
to be the fantasy YOU want.

I feel like everyone has a “magnet” inside them…
and if you are doing what you love, working on things you love and feeling more like “the real you” – your magnet will be strong to attract likeminded others to you.

What is one of your favorite dreams about YOU?
Put this into action.
Even a small step forward will be something you can interestingly bring up in conversation…
and it will snowball to good things.

People who do what they are passionate about are the most irresistible.
Keep being you.
Keep taking those steps towards things that make you feel more “you” than usual.
People who constantly grow can make anyone fall in love them…..


Do you agree with this?
Share your comments!
And next Friday I will continue the segment.

Falling in love with you already.

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